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Gouache is a hybrid of watercolor and acrylic paint, and while it's not as well-known as its fellow water-soluble paints, it's definitely worth experimenting with. After all, painting with gouache can produce incredibly versatile results, depending on how much water you use and the tools you implement.
Sandrine Pelissier
Truth: turning plain sugar cookies into gorgeous works of art can feel a bit daunting. But with the right tools, a little wisdom and a fun-focused game plan, decorating with royal icing can get a whole lot easier. Here are some tips to get you started.
Felicity and Krystle
When you need to feed a crowd, this cheesy garlic pull-apart bread should be your go-to. It’s inexpensive and fast to make from scratch, but more importantly, it bakes beautifully and is insanely fun to eat!
Kris Galicia Brown
No eggs, no dairy, no problem. This vegan banana bread has all of the flavor you crave, and it's perfect for a holiday brunch or any get-together needing to suit a wide variety of diets. Pair it with some homemade jam for an extra decadent treat.
Jessie Oleson Moore
There's more to left-handed knitting than moving stitches from your right needle to the left. For lefties, everything's just a little different — even how you wrap the yarn around your needles. But by mastering these common stitches, you'll be able to cast on and knit even the most complex projects without stumbling (and get a fabric that looks no different from right-handed knits).
In the world of water-based paint, watercolor and acrylic tend to be more well-known than gouache. But that doesn't mean gouache isn't worth working with. An in-between of watercolor and acrylic, its properties act more like watercolor while giving an opaqueness that's akin to acrylic. The chalkiness in gouache also can't be found in any other type of paint, and the hues are more concentrated to give you brighter, crisper washes.
Sara Barnes
If you typically dabble in watercolor but also happen to love acrylic, don't choose between the two. Instead, opt for painting with gouache. It's the best of both worlds — depending on how much water you use with it, gouache can have a matte-like acrylic effect or look more like an opaque version of watercolor.
Jessie Oleson Moore
Chocolate bark is yummy and roasted pecans are nice, but sometimes you want to kick your food gift game up a notch. With these five ideas, your homemade goodies are sure to be the talk of the town.
The colors of fall look great in foliage, but the warm hues are even prettier in crochet projects. This mug cozy combines the best seasonal colors with an awesome ombré technique. You're gonna want to wrap your morning brew in it every day!
Kathryn Senior
Whether it's your child's elementary school teacher or your college professor, celebrate the teachers in your life with a handmade thank-you. These projects can all be done in just a few working sessions, so you can have 'em ready in time for Teacher Appreciation Day.
Andrea Sanchez
If you've ever wanted to tell a fun story via drawings and thumbnails, good news: you don't have to invest in a ton of materials. This mini comic book is made with a single sheet of paper and, with help from a printer or photocopier, it's quick to create and gift.
David Huyck
When baking cookies, it's important to chill — literally. Taking the time to chill your dough is the critical step that results in perfectly gooey on the inside, crispy on the outside cookies. But if that's not enough to convince you, here are more reasons why you definitely shouldn't skip that fridge time.
Jessie Oleson Moore
Gifting for men, whether it's Father's Day, Christmas or a birthday, can sometimes feel tricky. But if you're a knitter, it's just another opportunity to pull out your needles and yarn. There are so many knits that make great gifts for men — here are a few worth adding to your to-make list.
If you're looking for a quick, easy recipe that tastes oh-so-good, you'll go bananas for this one. These simple treats only have five ingredients, but they don't skimp on flavor or crunch. Plus, it's the perfect use for any overripe bananas you have lying around — a great alternative when you're not in the mood for yet another loaf of banana bread.
Kris Galicia Brown
Buttons are so much more than closures — they're also a way to tie your piece together and give it a flawless finishing touch. While these little additions can seem intimidating at first, with this step-by-step tutorial you'll have them fastened on in no time.
Christine Haynes
Year-round vegetable gardening is totally possible — especially if you grow some of your goods indoors. These veggies thrive when they stay inside, so make some room in your kitchen and get ready for fresh, home-grown meals on the regular.
Ramon Gonzalez
If you're working with a partial shade garden, you're in luck: there are so many vines that not only grow, but thrive in these shady spots. Take your pick and get to planting.
Teresa O'Connor
Succulents: they're the beautiful, versatile, oh-so-trendy plant that helps your home look straight-outta-Pinterest. But you don't have to spend tons of cash collecting these sweet plants in every shape and color. With these methods, you can replant parts of your existing succulents to propagate and grow new ones. Let that garden grow!
Meredith Skyer
There's nothing worse than realizing your loaf of bread has gone stale before you had the chance to use it all. But don't despair — with some kitchen creativity (and a few recipes up your sleeve), you can work a little magic so it lives to see another day.
Jessie Oleson Moore
Warm days call for iced coffee. But you don't have to drop serious cash at the coffee shop every day — all you need to make a batch of cold brew is whole coffee beans, a grinder and some good ole' fashioned patience.
Nicole Weston
When it's time to bust that yarn stash, there's nothing better than stitching something cute (and functional!) for your pet. Whether you want to knit your dog a fashionable sweater or whip up a cozy cat bed, they'll love these knits as much as you love making 'em.
Ashley Little
There's an easy way to add some sparkle and shine to any knit project: just add beads. It's totally fun, and these beaded knitting patterns offer plenty of opportunity to play with a little bling-bling while you're making.
After I graduated from Cornell University’s apparel design program, where I studied textile design with an emphasis on weaving, I was lucky enough to get a job with a small garment manufacturer in Ithaca, New York. It was there that I met my husband, and later, gave birth to my daughter. Before I knew it, life got really hectic and, as I'm sure many parents can relate, I soon found it difficult to dedicate time to being at my loom.
Laura Nelkin, as told to Claudia Guthrie
Embroidery hoops aren't just for stitching. With some sheer fabric and the right kind of paint, you can hoop up to create a screen-printed design that's totally your style.
To turn a piece of knitting into a gorgeous work of art, all you need are beads. You can add beading to any project, whether it's a simple garter stitch scarf or a more intricate lace shawl. So no matter what your skill level, use these tips to dress up your stitches with sparkle.
Ashley Little
Bias tape is a great way to bind, or seal in, raw edges. And while it’s commonly used as quilt binding, you can actually incorporate it into a variety of projects, whether you need to sew a face mask or want to add a fun design element to a garment. Here’s how to create the durable, stretchy tape — even if you don’t have a bias tape maker on hand.
You don’t need a lot of room — or even a seasoned green thumb — to create a dreamy green space. A DIY terrarium lets you create an entire garden, or even a whole mini ecosystem, within the walls of a glass container. Plus, it’s super easy to make and care for. Triple win!
Meredith Skyer
Selvages run the entire length of a fabric bolt, and many people consider them to be garbage, cutting them off and throwing away without a second thought. But this finished end of your fabric can be handy in a project. After all, it's so tightly woven you don't have to worry about fraying. Here are some tips for putting 'em to good use.
Angela Mitchell
Nothing says "I love you" like a handmade card, especially for Mother's Day. With some simple supplies that you likely already have around the house, you can stitch a card that's totally one-of-a-kind.
A top-notch guacamole is a must-have, whether you're serving it as a standalone snack or an appetizer before a full-blown Mexican feast. But you don't always have to use a classic recipe — getting a little creative with the ingredients is a fun way to liven up your taste buds. Pair any of these recipes with a handmade margarita and your Taco Tuesdays, Cinco de Mayo or regular ole' weekend is sure to get a whole lot tastier.
Rule number one: don't throw out those fabric scraps, even the thinnest of strips. After all, you can use 'em to make a totally new project — like a string quilt! These block are simple to quilt and make use of every bit of your fabric stash. What's not to love?
Sherri McConnell
Picture this: you go to the fabric store, pick out the perfect materials for your next project, and come home only to realize that — doh — you already have great fabric you could have used tucked away in a forgotten corner of your sewing room.
Lindsay Conner
There's a lot more to finishing a crochet project than fastening off. To get a professionally finished piece, you need to put just as much care and attention into finishing as you do the actual stitching. Here are some must-know tips for producing the best crochet possible.
Andrea Sanchez
Nothing brightens up a room like a bouquet of flowers, and now you can make one that'll never wilt or wither. Pick and choose from the blooms below, then add them as embellishments on your handmade cards or use them in your scrapbooking. And if you simply can't choose, go ahead and make 'em to pull into a beautiful arrangement for your home.
Amy Robison
There's something extra special about seeing glitter on a card, and it's easy to give any paper craft an actual touch of sparkle. If your glitter stash has run out, don't worry — making your own is fast and fun, and there's a good chance you already have everything you need right in your kitchen.
Victoria Hudgins
So you've crocheted the perfect bag, cardigan, mittens — whatever! Now's the time to dress it up a bit by adding buttons. And while you might assume it's as easy as picking a button and sewing it on, adding buttons to your crochet takes a bit of planning. So before you thread your needle, follow these tips to avoid common mishaps.
Ashley Little
After you've completed your pattern, there's one thing you've got to do: seam your crochet. It's an essential step for most crochet projects, but can be a little intimidating whether you're seaming a complex cardigan or joining simple granny squares. Take a deep breath — with these tips, seaming can be way more stress-free.
Andrea Sanchez
These DreamWorks Trolls cookies make us as happy as Poppy is... literally all the time. Even grumpy Branch looks adorable in cookie form! So round up the kids and whip up a batch of these easy-to-make cookies — then press play on one of the greatest films!
Now that DreamWorks' Trolls World Tour is streaming, it's definitely time for a family movie night. But not just any movie night — a colorful one! Rather than a regular ole' bowl of buttered popcorn, go on and make it more fun with rainbow popcorn. Your little trolls will love it!
Round up the kids and head to the kitchen because it's baking time! Now that Dreamworks' Trolls World Tour is streaming, there's no better time to go all-out with a burst of color on movie night. Whip up a batch of colorful rainbow-frosted cupcakes and your little trolls will love digging in as soon as you press play.
With a couple printouts and a big burst of imagination, you can throw the coolest movie night in all of Troll Village — or, at least, in your home. DreamWorks' Trolls World Tour is now streaming, so there's no better way to spend a night in than watching it while making some festive party favors. Between these downloadable concert wristbands and a stack of coloring book pages full of your favorite Trolls characters, it's guaranteed to be a great night.
You don't have to be a kid to love all things rainbows, especially when they look this sweet. Whether you go full-out with a colorful buttercream or just stick to the surprise-inside batter, these rainbow cupcakes are sure to be a hit.
Felicity and Krystle
Fact: everything's cooler when it glows in the dark, especially when it comes to sweets. But you don't have to limit yourself to glow-in-the-dark buttercream or slime cake — now you can bring the fun to your breakfast with "glonuts."
Nicole Weston
Hearty, subtly spicy and topped with cream cheese frosting: there is so much to love about carrot cake. And while it's an Easter staple, you definitely don't need to save it for the holiday — especially when it's this easy to bake.
Jessie Oleson Moore
In the world of teeny, tiny treats, the French dessert known as petit fours reign supreme. These cute little squares of cake are wrapped in sweet fondant and usually topped with piped royal icing flowers. But if you want a more modern twist, this tutorial gives the sweets an update with brightly-colored coatings and a generous sprinkling of confetti.
Erin Gardner
Despite their New England-centric name, Boston cream donuts are beloved worldwide. It's easy to see why: the fluffy donut is filled with a rich, creamy custard and topped with chocolate glaze, so it's the perfect dessert — or, let's be real, breakfast. And while the store-bought versions are delicious, they can't compare to ones you bake in your own kitchen.
Jessie Oleson Moore
Here's the thing: when a project glows in the dark, it's just that much cooler. Whether you're a baker, paper crafter or embroiderer, there are so many ways you can take your projects to a new (glow-in-the-dark) level.
While it may be tempting to skip, a good blocking is the key to taking your crochet projects from a homemade vibe to a polished and professional one. It's worth the extra effort — and this tutorial makes it totally achievable.
Andrea Sanchez
Whether it's rainy, snowy or just a plain 'ol Tuesday, you don't need an open fire to make gooey s'mores goodness. In fact, you don't even need an oven — these no-bake bars can be made completely indoors as an easy family treat.
Nicole Weston
The filling gets all the love, but a pie crust can make or break your dessert. If it's too tough, it just doesn't work with the soft inside. And if it's too chewy, forget it. But nailing the perfect pie crust isn't a huge undertaking — if you follow these steps, you'll crush it every time.
Jessie Oleson Moore
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