9 Kid-Friendly Activities the Whole Family Will Love

Known fact: summer goes way too fast. So we propose a great big time out for some awesome family together time before homework and sports practices gobble up our lives. Nothing fancy, just fun. Who's in?

1. Go BIG With Pizza Night

Here's our recipe for a fun night in: start with an episode of Pizza Revolution, then make your own wacky pie at home. (Just make sure to have a plain cheese pizza as a backup in case the experiment goes waaayy wrong. We've been there.)

2. Get Creative With School Supplies

Get crafty with your impending back-to-school supplies. We're not just talking stickers here (though we love them, too). A little hand embroidery and felt turns a store-bought backpack, pencil case or jacket into something completely one-of-a-kind.

Our motto? Never settle for plain. So when we found a stash of plain, solid-colored pencil cases, we just had to deck them out with a bit of embroidered felt.

3. Combine Baking With Science

Here's an idea to gently get kids (and parents) in the learning mood while still keeping the focus where it belongs: on cookies. Tune in together to our science-meets-cooking series, The Big Baking Experiment. And if it's still too hot to turn on the oven, may we recommend this five-ingredient DIY fro-yo ?

4. Shake Up the Art Supplies

Make no mistake, we love crayons. But why not rock your kids' world with incredibly easy DIY watercolor paints instead? You've probably got the supplies you need in your pantry already.

If you have the urge to paint, don't let the lack of paint stop you! You've probably got everything you need to make DIY watercolor paints in your kitchen already.

5. Host a Paper Airplane Competition

Think you know paper planes? John Collins, the world record holder for furthest paper plane distance, takes you under his wing to show what a piece of paper and a few strategic folds can really do. Learn to build his go-to designs — that'd be the Red Bull Dart, the Phat Glider and the Tumbling Wing — then put ‘em head-to-head in a friendly family competition.

6. Animate Your Own Cartoon

If you’ve got little artists on your hands, watch how excited they’ll be when their doodles come to life! Follow these easy tips and tricks and your drawings will be jumping off the page. All you need is a pencil and pieces of scrap paper!

7. Make a Kid-Friendly Garden

Here’s the thing about gardening: it can be a bit difficult to keep those plants thriving. But don’t worry, with some paint and a few rocks you can build a garden that’ll never wilt. Say hello to your next craft party DIY!

Let's face it: not all of us have been blessed with green thumbs. But when you can create your own garden with some rocks and a few coats of paint, who needs the real deal? These arrangements are crazy cute, and (bonus!) won't prick you.

8. Learn a New Skill

Kids can sew, too! With these easy-to-follow pointers, your mini me will learn their way around a sewing machine and stitch up their own pillow to put in their room. You can also get the whole fam on board and stitch a matching set for your patio furniture. How cute is that?

9. Bake a Cake

All kids love cake, and now they can bake and decorate one themselves (with your supervision, of course). These flamboyant, over-the-top cakes look amazing and are surprisingly simple to pull off — even your five-year-old will find working with fondant a piece of cake.

August 13, 2018
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9 Kid-Friendly Activities the Whole Family Will Love