10 Over-The-Top Cake Ideas That Guarantee A Very Happy Birthday

It only happens once a year, so you gotta make it count! These incredible cakes are what birthday wishes are made of.

1. For The Superhero Fanatic

Boom! Pop! Pow! This dessert gets its cool, comic book vibes thanks to 3D letters made from modeling chocolate. Vary the thickness of each letter for maximum impact!

2. For The Big-Top Bound

There’s not just cake under there: Rice cereal treats are your cake-sculpting secret weapon. Add melted white chocolate to the traditional recipe to ensure your awesome shapes hold up!

3. For The Sweet Sixteen

Bows, flowers, monograms … oh my! This three tier cake is milestone birthday-ready. All those tiny bows are actually super easy to make if you have the right fondant cutter, which is totally worth the (small) investment.

4. For The Ocean Obsessed

Narwhals are pretty much everywhere we look these days, but we especially love the majestic sea creature on this cake! We’ll show you how to make his body out of a Twinkie (yes, you read that right).

DIY Narwhal Cake
Are you sure to want to remove this?

5. For The Trendy Tween

Rainbows are all the rage, especially when you can get those pretty colors with NO artificial food dyes. One thing to know: When using natural dyes, always add ‘em to the frosting not the batter … they can’t take the heat of the oven!

6. For The Space Ranger

Insider tip: Check the clay aisle at the craft store if you can’t find fondant cutters in the right sizes and shapes for this out-of-this-world scene. Then, marble together different colors of fondant to get all these swirly hues.

7. For The Texting Maniac

She'll look up from her phone for THIS! Use colorful taffy candy to create little letters that spell out fun messages on a colorful cake. Line up your cutters on rolled-out taffy and then use an extra cutting board to push 'em all through the candy.

8. For The Candy Queen

This cake gets topped off with candy canes, candy melts, sprinkles … and a ring of cupcakes, of course. That oughtta do it! A word to the wise: keep your cake simple here (we went with vanilla!) so all those candy flavors can shine.

9. For The Boo-thday Boy

Monsters on monsters on monsters! But don’t worry, these buttercream-filled ogres are pure sweetness. For easy sculpting, each monster is made out of two 5-inch layers and one 6-inch layer … giving you a head start on that rounded shape.

10. For The Surprise-Lover

Surprise party, we raise you surprise cake. The birthday girl (or boy!) will find a second set of candles when they cut into this creation, which are actually made out of colored cake pop batter.

January 08, 2019
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10 Over-The-Top Cake Ideas That Guarantee A Very Happy Birthday