11 Amazing Uses For Leftover Cake


Stale cake can be a minor tragedy. But don't despair! With a little imagination, you can transform even the most dried-out slices into something awesome and delicious.

1. Cake Pops

It probably goes without saying that cake pops are the cutest possible use for leftover cake. Just crumble the cake, combine with buttercream or cream cheese frosting and squeeze until squishy. Shape into little balls, then coat with candy or chocolate to seal in the moisture (because stale cake is sad, but stale cake pops are even sadder).

2. Cake French Toast

French toast will save your leftover cake just like it saves your day-old bread. Make an egg batter, coat the cake slices, then griddle until toasty on the edges. Look at you!

3. Cake Shakes

Crumble stale cake, frosting and all, and throw it into a blender with a couple scoops of ice cream and some milk or cream. It'll taste just like your childhood birthday parties.

4. Ice Cream Mix-Ins

Fold cake crumbles into softened ice cream on a cold slab à la Cold Stone Creamery. Or simply spoon them on top of ice-cream scoops.

5. Trifle

This English dessert was made for leftover cake. Neatly layer cake crumbles with fruit, custard and whatever other ingredients you feel like. Slightly dry cake is actually ideal for this pretty dessert because it soaks up fruit juices and custard.

6. Grilled Cake

A genius move, especially when you serve these warm slices with ice cream or fresh fruit. Like toasting stale bread, grilling dried-out cake helps bring out the flavor, distracting you from the texture. While sturdy cakes such as pound cake work best, you can grill any cake by setting it on top of a piece of foil first.

7. Not-Bread Puddings

Like bread pudding, but not. Substitute any type of cake, from coffee cake to chiffon, for the bread in your favorite bread pudding recipe.

8. Crumbled-Cake Pie Crusts

Use cake crumbles instead of cookie crumbs in any cookie pie crust recipe. Your pie will thank you.

9. Brownie Mix-Ins

The next time you're making brownies , add some finely diced or crumbled leftover cake. Simply fold it into the brownie batter before you transfer it to the baking pan.

10. Deep-Fried Cake Snacks

Ask anyone who has ever attended a state fair: deep-frying makes everything taste good. Coating cake chunks in batter adds moisture and crunch.

11. Charlotte

A charlotte is a dignified retro dessert in which ladyfingers line a pan of mousse or custard topped with fruit. Sound yummy? Substitute slivers of leftover cake for the ladyfingers and voila.

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Sure, you could make a ho-hum cake, and nobody would complain (because, you know, it's cake). But if you're after "oohs" and "ahhs" from your crew, take that cake, mash it with some frosting and transform it into the most amazing cake pops in the mythical universe. Don't worry — they're way easier to make than they look.
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11 Amazing Uses For Leftover Cake