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          16 Signs You’re Obsessed With Knitting


          It's not a hobby it's a lifestyle! Here's how to know if your life has become hopelessly entangled with yarn.

          1. You're thinking about devoting an entire room to yarn storage.

          The more you buy, the more you knit. But that stash still just seems to be building up regardless! Don't worry, your kid won't miss his bedroom.

          2. You plan vacations around... yarn.

          Maybe you just happen to be in Rhinebeck during the Sheep & Wool Festival . Or maybe you're visiting a city that has the most yarn stores per square mile. Either way, your spouse is getting suspicious.

          3. You keep a project with you at all times — you know, just in case of an emergency.

          You never know when you might have a few minutes to sneak in some stitches, whether it's in a waiting room or in rush-hour traffic or during the intermission of the middle-school play.

          4. You can't leave the yarn store without making a purchase.

          It was on sale. They practically forced you to buy it!

          5. You know where all the top yarn stores are, in all the zip codes.

          When it comes to yarn stores, your brain has become like a mapping app. You can quickly navigate anyone to all the closest yarn stores — even the ones that are hundreds of miles away.

          6. Your email inbox is all yarn, all time.

          Hey, information is power!

          7. When it comes to notions, you've got three of every one.

          Tape measures, stitch marker sets, needles of the same size — you never know when you might need an heir and a spare. They're also great to have on hand in case you meet a beginner knitter who might need to borrow an extra! See, it's altruism.

          8. Family and friends introduce you as "my friend who knits."

          "This is Ashley. She's the one who knits." I can't tell you how many times I've been introduced this way, and honestly, I love it!

          9. You can ID specific yarns and color names with just a glance.

          Malabrigo, Cloudborn, Plymouth, Rowan — you've stitched with all of them, and never forget a fiber "face."

          10. You're thinking about buying an alpaca or an angora rabbit.

          You could knit with your dog's fur, sure, but an alpaca or angora rabbit is more up your alley. It can share the room with your supplies. (See #1.)

          11. You have several circles of knitting friends.

          When you say you're hanging out with your knitting friends, your family doesn't even immediately know which one.

          12. You lose sleep to finish a project.

          Who needs eight hours of sleep when you can have eight hours of knitting and a finished item?

          13. Your family members know not to expect store-bought gifts anymore.

          But no one's complaining about those cozy socks you made last year!

          14. You can't watch a movie or TV without knitting.

          Some people text or Tweet while they watch, and this is just your own version of multitasking. Plus it keeps your hand out of the chip bowl.

          15. Knitters of all levels come to you for stitch help.

          You're like a knitting doctor. No matter what the project, you're ready to seek a solution.

          16. You have enough hand knit sweaters to wear a different one every day for a month.

          Wear those sweaters loud and proud, you knitting ninja!

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          16 Signs You’re Obsessed With Knitting