3 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Kid's Book Covers for School

Give plain fabric book covers (handmade or purchased) a whole new life with these easy upgrades. Even if your sewing skills are beginner-level, these tricks are simple and quick enough to make a perfect after-school project.

1. Team Spirit Ribbons

Measure the width of your book cover and add 2" to the measurement. Cut heat-resistant ribbon in your child's school colors to that measurement, then cut fusible web to the width and length of each ribbon.

Pro Tip

Get your kid in on the design action by letting them choose different widths and types of ribbon that match their personality!

Mark a straight line across the book cover, wherever you’d like to put each ribbon. Place fusible web between the ribbon and the fabric, and fuse according to the manufacturer’s directions. Tuck 1” on each end of the ribbon into inside of the cover to hide the raw edges.

2. Pom-Pom Pizzazz

This one's easiest to do with the cover already on your book. First, use fabric glue or a hot glue gun to glue a length of pom-pom fringe just inside the top left edge of the cover, so the pom-poms hang over the spine (and you can still stack your books). Fold the fringe ends under about 1/2” at each end to hide the raw edges.

Good to Know

Want more pom-pom action? Learn how to add 'em to jeans , a sheer embroidery project or a knit hat !

3. Pins, Patches and Stitches

It only takes a few simple stitches to embroider school subject names or your own initials into the cover. Add flowers with a lazy daisy stitch or designs using a satin stitch . Mix and match purchased patches — or better yet, make your own with a bit of colorful felt.

September 06, 2018
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3 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Kid's Book Covers for School