Make Fourth of July Cupcake Toppers for Ultra-Festive Treats

Show off your stars and stripes this Fourth of July! These fondant toppers make it easy to transform any cupcake and buttercream concoction into the perfect Independence Day dessert.

Fourth of July Cupcake Toppers

Level: Easy

What You Need


1. Punch Out Small Stars

Roll out blue fondant until it's ⅛" thick. Use the 2¼" circle cutter to make a light indent — this will help you space out the stars without having any that run off the edge. With the small star cutter, punch out little stars from within this blue circle and set aside.

Allow the blue fondant to sit for a bit to dry slightly (so that when you move it, it doesn't lose shape). The time this takes will vary depending on the humidity .

2. Glue the Blue

Roll out white fondant until it's 1/16" thick. Use the rolling pastry cutter to trim off some of the blue fondant around the blue circle indent (so you don't waste too much fondant).

Spread edible glue on the bottom of the blue fondant piece. Making sure you keep the circle as close to the original shape as possible without any distortion, glue it to the white fondant piece.

Pro Tip

Use the spatula to move the blue fondant so it does not fold, bend or stretch. Feel free to spread a bit of vegetable shortening to the surface of the fondant to ensure it remains soft as you work with it.

3. Add Stars

Roll out more white fondant until it's ⅛" thick and cut out stars using the small cutter.

Apply edible glue to the bottom of each star and carefully insert them into the star openings in the blue fondant. Because you just cut them out, they'll still be soft enough to mold into the existing cavities.

Pro Tip

If the stars are too delicate to handle, apply vegetable shortening to avoid tearing them.

4. Cut It Out

Line up the 2¼" round cutter to the indent you made in step 1, then cut through the fondant completely. Set the topper aside to dry.

5. Cut Strips

Roll more white fondant until it's ⅛" thick. With the pastry cutter, cut six or seven strips of equal widths. Place the white fondant strips inside the storage board to ensure they remain soft.

Repeat this step using red fondant. Place them alongside the white fondant strips in the storage board.

6. Make the Stripes

Roll out white fondant once again until it's 1/16" thick. Make another light indent with the 2¼" circle cutter on the thin white fondant. Cut off any excess fondant around the indent.

Add edible glue to the thin white fondant and glue on the red and white strips, alternating colors. Start at one end and work horizontally toward the other end, making sure your strips are straight.

7. Cut It Out

Once your stripes are secured, use the 2¼" round cutter to punch out a circle. Set it aside and allow to dry completely.

8. U-S-A!

Roll out white fondant until it's ⅛" thick. Cut out three large stars with your cutter.

Roll out more red and blue fondant until each is ⅛" thick. Cut out U S A with the letter cutters.

Use the small modeling stick to make little indentations around the perimeter of the fondant stars for additional decoration. Do the same through the center of the letters.

Glue each letter to the center of your stars. Let dry completely.

Once all your pieces are dried, you're ready to top your patriotic cupcakes!

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Make Fourth of July Cupcake Toppers for Ultra-Festive Treats