5 Easy Quilt Blocks Even a Beginner Can SLAY

If you wanna learn to quilt, there's only one place to start: piecing basic blocks. These designs are totally beginner-friendly, and just might be the start of a lifelong quilting love affair.

1. Four-Patch Block

The basic techniques needed to create this classic are the foundation of every block you'll ever piece. (And once you master the four-patch, you can consider yourself the boss of nine- and 16-patch blocks, too.)

2. Disappearing Nine-Patch

A nine-patch block, with a twist. Just make a few cuts, do a bit of rearranging, and voila — you've got a whole new intricate (but oh-so-easy) block.

3. Spool Block

Get comfy with strip piecing! It's another totally not-scary technique you can apply to tons of designs.

4. Star Block

Ah, a classic. This simple star makes an appearance in sooo many quilts, and all you need is one square and four triangle units.

5. Sawtooth Star

Ok maybe you don't want to tackle the Sawtooth Star as your first block, but it really is just a combination of basic techniques. We'll show you how to do it with precuts, which keeps things a little simpler.

December 28, 2018
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5 Easy Quilt Blocks Even a Beginner Can SLAY