5 Easy Quilt Blocks Even a Beginner Can SLAY


If you wanna learn to quilt, there's only one place to start: piecing basic blocks. These designs are totally beginner-friendly, and just might be the start of a lifelong quilting love affair.

1. Four-Patch Block

This block is so simple, anyone can do it. And once you master the four-patch, you can use the same concepts to make nine- and 16-patch blocks, too.

2. Disappearing Nine-Patch

A nine-patch block, with a twist. Just make a few cuts and do a bit of rearranging, and voila — you've got a whole new intricate (but oh-so-easy) block.

3. Spool Block

This block is made with simple straight sashes. What could be easier?

4. Star Block

Ah, a classic. The star block makes an appearance in sooo many quilts, and all you need is one square and four triangle units.

5. Sawtooth Star

As impressive as this block looks, piecing it together is surprisingly easy. Plus it's crazy popular — you'll find it in shows up in tons of patterns and designs.

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Christa Watson
Christa Watson
Create original one-block quilts with standout style. Discover the setting magic that lets you turn three versatile blocks into 30 dynamic quilt layouts.
Kate Colleran
Kate Colleran
We're having trouble seeing straight. Then again, it's probably the Drunkard's Path block! Angela's here to make sure the steps go "straight to your head."
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5 Easy Quilt Blocks Even a Beginner Can SLAY