5 Easy Ways to Reinvent Taco Night


Ground beef? Check. Shredded cheese? Check. Bored already? We thought so. Bring the glory back to taco Tuesday (and taco everyday!) with these twists that are easy and so, so good.

Get Fresh with Fish

There’s a lot to love about these grilled fish tacos, including that you don’t actually need to fire up the grill. The whole delicious dish cooks up in a stovetop grill pan.

Spice It Up, Korean Style

Soy sauce, coriander and brown sugar are just a few of the secret ingredients that take these tacos over the top.

Chorizo + Spuds

I hope you’re hungry, ‘cuz we’re talking about some hearty food here: zesty sausage and tender potato chunks, all cuddled up in warm tortillas. And best of all, you can make the filling in advance!

Steak Like You’ve Never

You’ve had steak tacos before, but have you had them with blistered serrano peppers and browned onions? And made by your very own hands? Get ready to have your mind blown.

Sooo Vegelicious

These zucchini tacos are light, fresh and totally authentic. Mexican queso blanco is the finishing touch, but feta works just as well.

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Fast and family-friendly, tacos are a weeknight favorite. Explore diverse flavors as Curtis shows you how to make Korean steak tacos. After that, learn the simple steps to building super-fresh fish tacos with all the fixings. Taco Tuesday will never be the same!
Experience the true flavors of Mexico in the comfort of your home.
Rick Bayless
Rick Bayless
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5 Easy Ways to Reinvent Taco Night