5 Flirty Skirts We Love (And You Can Totally Sew Yourself)


Two major reasons to make yourself some skirts: They’re waaayyy easier to sew than pants, and way more fun to wear. Check out five of our faves!

1. An Easy Pencil Skirt

You’re gonna want to fill your closet with multiples of this chic classic. Bonus points if it's the first skirt you've ever made — you'll do fine!

2. A Family (Skirt) Affair

The sewing bug runs in families, and here's the proof: Your tween will absolutely love helping to make this adorable swing skirt.

3. Swing This Way

This oh-so-pretty skirt is a hand-stitched and stencilled work of art. It's a labor of love that's perfect for a special event (but you'll probably want to wear it every day).

4. Lace It Up

Another fancy-schmancy option for the experienced stitcher: A couture guipure lace skirt. Bring the drama by choosing a lining fabric that really pops!

5. Get An "A" In A-Line

No pattern, no problem! If you’re feeling ambitious, this in-depth class will help you learn to draft your very own pattern for a versatile A-line skirt.

Sew You Wanna Stitch a Skirt? Here Are Some Tips!

1. Before you tackle sewing your own skirt, make sure to pick the style and pattern for you. Take note of your body type and pick a pattern that makes you feel flattered. If you don't know where to start, a classic A-line skirt looks great on just about everyone — trust us.

2. Be smart about your fabric choice. How you plan to wear your garment (casual, semi-casual or formal) should determine which fabric you turn to. If you're sticking to a more casual look, choose a fabric like cotton, linen or polyester.

3. Work carefully and slowly — you've got this!

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5 Flirty Skirts We Love (And You Can Totally Sew Yourself)