5 Household Items That Double As Sewing Tools

Blue painter's tape

You could run to the craft store to grab some helpful sewing gadgets, but a quick raid of your kitchen or garage may be just as good! There are tons of household items that can help you up your sewing game — or at least pinch-hit for the real-deal tools. Here are five we swear by:

Blue painter's tape

That big roll of low-tack tape you bought when redecorating? Use it as quick marking tool. Bonus: It’s easy to write on so you can mark and label stuff with it. (Test a small piece on a scrap to make sure no adhesive stays behind when you remove it.)

Golf tees

They’re not just for holding golf balls: Tees are the perfect way to buddy-up a threaded bobbin with its matching spool. Genius! (Not a golfer? Drinking straws and large paper clips work, too.)

Wooden kitchen skewers

Use the skewer’s point to guide fabric under the presser foot, particularly on a curved edge where it's not feeding as smoothly as you’d like!

Wooden spoon or dowel

You might have a wooden clapper and a tailor's ham, but have you added a wooden spoon to your collection of pressing tools? It’ll work in a pinch: Place the shaft of the wooden spoon precisely under the seam and press. (If you have a wooden dowel on your workbench, that’s another good option!)

Freezer or waxed paper

Freezer paper can be used as pattern paper, particularly if you want to preserve a tissue pattern. Place the pattern piece over the freezer paper, trace any lines with your serrated roller, and voila — a very easy way to copy the pattern pieces. Or use waxed paper to trace and copy details from an existing garment!

August 24, 2018
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5 Household Items That Double As Sewing Tools