5 Acrylic Seascape Projects to Level Up Your Skills

If you already know your way around the basics of brush and palette, it's time to let your skills set sail!

These watery 'scapes each have something new to teach a growing artist. Round up your paint tubes and clear your calendar — you're gonna want to keep painting for a loooooong time.

1. Paint the Tides

Craving a day at the beach? Not only will this project teach you how to capture waves and movement, but you'll get a crash course in some impressionistic techniques, too!

2. Reflections in Water

The secret here is all in the glaze. Brush up, paint down, come in from the sides... but there's a method to the madness (and look how beautifully it pays off!).

3. Stormy Skies Ahead

There's a storm coming to your canvas! Learn to incorporate wind and rain with just a few brush strokes for clouds that seem to roll across the sky.

4. Starry Night

Spoiler alert: Painting a night scape doesn't mean you need to reach for the black paint. Keep it blue (with an occasional dab of yellow or white) for a luminous effect.

5. Sunset at Sea

Another nod to impressionism, this project uses short brushstrokes to create the rippling effect of light on water. You can use acrylic or turn to oil — these techniques apply to both methods!

March 05, 2019
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5 Acrylic Seascape Projects to Level Up Your Skills