5 Plant Enthusiasts You Need to Follow

More than ever, we're hungry for pops of green in our décor by way of lush, thriving houseplants. There are definite health boosts to having 'em around (better air quality + better mood!) and they’re just so soothing to look at. Here are five plant aficionados who are greening up our Instagram feeds, along with their words of wisdom for fellow plant lovers.

Hilton Carter @ hiltoncarter

With over 300 plants in his Baltimore home, plant stylist Hilton Carter has created a flourishing, jungle-like oasis stuffed with palms, cacti and plants that double as inventive wall art. His dog Charlie approves of the houseplants, too.

Favorite Plant: “My favorite plant is my fiddle leaf fig, ‘Frank,’ who was one of the first two plants that I purchased.”

Best Green-Thumb Advice: “Name your plants. Just like a pet, once you name them, you claim ownership of them and then are more likely to care about their well-being.”

Andie @zenbuddhamumma

Australia-based property stylist Andie of Zen Buddha Mumma showcases her Bohemian home, brimming with houseplants, on her Instagram page. She grew up on a farm surrounded by nature, which has inspired her profound love of plants. She weaves them flawlessly throughout her décor — even in her kitchen!

Favorite Plant: “My favorite plant is the Pothos or Epipremnum. They are great indoor plants for those who love cascading plants that grow in low light.”

Best Green-Thumb Advice: “If your home is dark, buy plants that can survive low-light conditions. If your home is bright and receives lots of direct sunlight, think about arid desert plants that love these conditions. The right plant in the right environment will equal plant survival.”

Sara Pavao @sadies_lovely_life

Residing on the Jersey Shore, interior stylist Sara Pavao tends to plenty of plants in her free-spirited, beautifully decorated home. Calling them her “little green friends,” Sara views plants as “living sculptures." She frequently researches how to properly care for them, and invents new ways to display them in her home.

Favorite Plant: “I can’t name a favorite plant, just like a mother couldn’t have a favorite child. I will say that the elegant arcs created by leaves of the strelitzia (bird of paradise) have captured my imagination lately, but my love affair with fiddle leaf figs just hasn’t waned.”

Best Green-Thumb Advice: “My number one tip for keeping plants happy during the winter months is to be careful not to overwater. Plants need a lot less water, and I’ve lost more than a few that way. Investing in a moisture meter is such a good way to monitor your plant’s moisture needs.”

Kelly @keeelly91

Describing herself as a “plant addict from the Netherlands,” Kelly — an interior blogger and photographer — is a natural when it comes to houseplants. The spaces in her home are bright and cheerful, and they look even friendlier with the addition of her beloved foliage.

Favorite Plant: “I like so many plants, but if I have to choose, I choose the monstera. That plant can get such beautiful and large leaves, and it’s a real eye-catcher at home.”

Best Green-Thumb Advice: “Give them attention — that is the most important thing. If they don’t like one spot, move them to another place in the house.”

Kate Chilver @tribeandus

With a blog that details her family life, Kate Chilver of Tribe and Us is known for her ability to seamlessly bring cacti into her décor, a plant that can be a bit surprising to see in a Great Britain home. She says that when she was young, her mom would take her and her sisters to garden centers, where she would always insist on going home with a succulent or cactus.

Favorite Plant: “It has to be the Hoya Linearis. They are beautiful, with their minty-green color, and the way they hang and sway makes them so classy.”

Best Green-Thumb Advice: “Make sure you have the right plant for your lifestyle, whether you have enough light and time to care for them. Always ask for advice from the place where you buy your plants. They work with plants every day and they can help you.”

September 09, 2018
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5 Plant Enthusiasts You Need to Follow