5 Quilting Rulers You Need to Tackle ANY Project

Let's be real: quilting calls for loads of notions and supplies. And while that's exciting for a lot of reasons (new stuff to play with! new projects to make!), it can also be overwhelming. After all, which of these tools do you really need?

Rulers, for one. They're an essential tool in the quilting arsenal. But not just any old ruler. You want one that's easy to read, feels sturdy and is non-slip. Oh, and it needs to be the right size for the job. (Which means, you guessed it, you probably need a few of 'em.)

With that in mind, these are the five rulers worth stocking up on — and tips for when you should use each one.

Width-of-Fabric Ruler

Size to look for: 6½-in x 24½-in
Shop it: Creative Grids Ruler

A large width-of-fabric ruler is the one you'll likely use most often, as you'll need it to cut larger fabrics. And at 24½-in long, it's the perfect size for cutting a folded-in-half width, which most quilt patterns call for. The 6½-in width also helps with holding longer strips of fabric in place as you cut, without being so wide that it gets in the way.

Large Square Ruler

Size to look for: 12½-in x 12½-in
Shop it: Creative Grids Ruler

Square rulers are amazing when working with smaller cuts of fabric, like layer cakes or fat quarters, or when you're squaring up quilt blocks that are 12½-in or larger. They're easy to handle, so it's easy to get those precise cuts and even edges.

Small Square Ruler

Size to look for: 6½-in x 6½-in
Shop it: Creative Grids Ruler

As your fabric gets smaller, so must your ruler. This smaller square is ideal for cutting charm squares, jelly roll pieces or 2½-in squares. It also works great for trimming half-square triangles or flying geese units.

Triangle Ruler

Size to look for: 9.25-in x 9.25-in x 13-in
Shop it: Easy Star & Geese Triangle Ruler

You'd be surprised at how much use a triangle ruler can get if it's in a quilter's tool kit. Bust it out to make traditional flying geese from fabric strips (no wasted material!), star blocks or to, ya know, cut actual triangles for a variety of quilt blocks. Best part: You can choose from 10 different sizes of geese — this ruler cuts them all.

Stripology Ruler

Size to look for: 22-in x 15-in
Shop it: Creative Grids Stripology Ruler

This one isn't a necessity, but if you're looking to save time cutting strips and squares (who isn't?), this clever ruler may just be your new BFF. It's ideal when a quilt pattern calls for a ton of 2½-in squares, as it's super accurate for these little cuts. It also doesn't require you to move the ruler, meaning the odds of cutting errors are much lower. Win!

March 05, 2019
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5 Quilting Rulers You Need to Tackle ANY Project