5 Super Easy Quilting Designs You Didn't Know Your Walking Foot Could Make

While stitch in the ditch will never let you down, it's not the only move your walking foot can make. Whether you want totally straight or gently curved lines, these designs add visual bang to your quilt that'll get everyone talking about your mad skills.

Wavy Lines

Newbie quilters may think straight lines are the safest bet, but you actually want to aim for wavy ones when you're just starting out. There’s less pressure to be perfect, and it’s a great way to get a feel for how to manage your quilt under a machine. Double win!


A version of straight-line quilting , this technique helps you nail both parallel lines and linear designs. Pro tip: the farther apart your lines are, the more they’ll take center stage and become the design of your top.

Big Thread, Simple Stitches

Fun fact: You can accentuate quilting lines by using large, decorative threads around your seam lines, around any appliqué built into your design, or in free-motion style to add a contrast element. All you have to do is take advantage of that walking foot and adjust your needle position!

Diamond Spirals

Minimal marking yields maximum results when you know the magic formula for starting a diamond spiral. (Trust us, it's super simple.)

Geometric Echoing

Working inside the grid is an easy way to always know where you’re going and effectively fill space — not to mention you’ll get fantastic results without having to go all-in with free-motion . These geometric shapes are the perfect balance for those who want to play, but still feel more comfortable with a little extra guidance.

February 28, 2019
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5 Super Easy Quilting Designs You Didn't Know Your Walking Foot Could Make