5 Ways to Flavor Fondant So It Actually Tastes Good


We love gawking at a gorgeous fondant-draped cake, but the flavor is sometimes — well — kinda drab. It doesn't take much to change that, and we've got plenty of ideas to help to spice it up. Most of these methods can even be used with store-bought fondant if you're wanting to save some time.

5 ways to flavor fondant

1. Extracts and essences

This is definitely one of the easiest, quickest ways to add a bit of flavor to your fondant. Just knead in a few drops, starting with a little bit of flavor at a time; it's way easier to add more than to remove it. Taste test as you go until you reach the flavor you're craving.

When it comes to choosing your ingredients, stick to extracts and essences, and stay away from anything labeled as a "flavoring." Flavorings usually aren't natural and have a slightly chemical taste.

2. Vanilla bean paste

Vanilla's a great flavor to add because it goes with just about anything, and it's easy to add to fondant (even chocolate fondant!) for a subtly creamy taste. Vanilla bean paste (not extract) is the best the way to go here. Plus the tiny flecks of vanilla will give your fondant a fancy gourmet look. Pinkies up!

Add a teaspoon at a time to your fondant, mixing and taste testing until it's just right.

3. Flavored powdered sugar

If you like to make your own fondant, then flavored powdered sugar might be your new go-to. All you need to do is replace the powdered sugar in your recipe with flavored sugar.

You can find flavored sugars online, or you can even make your own by adding a bit of dry powdered spice. One of our favorites is a festive blend of powdered sugar with a hint of ginger and cinnamon.

4. Rolled buttercream

Rolled buttercream acts like fondant (you can roll it out and use it to cover cakes), but it's just buttercream + corn starch, so it tastes great.

A cool thing about this method is that you can add alcoholic flavors into the mix. You can't do that with fondant — adding alcohol would make it way too sticky to work with.

5. Dried fruit powder

Another handy way to pack in flavor is to give powdered fruit flavors a try. You can either make your own fondant and mix in a little powder, or you can just knead it into store-bought fondant.

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5 Ways to Flavor Fondant So It Actually Tastes Good