6 Genius Ways to Organize Your Fabric Stash


Picture this: You go to the fabric store, pick out the perfect materials for your next project , and come home only to realize that — doh — you already have great fabric you could have used tucked away in a forgotten corner of your sewing room.

We've all been there. But if you want to avoid spending unnecessary dollars (plus get all the fun of actually using the awesome stuff you've gathered over time), you're gonna have to get organized. Here's how.

Sort By Color on Shelves

Photo by Maureen Cracknell

For large fabric, like half- and one-yard cuts, pick up ( or build !) a cubby bookshelf. Sort fabrics by color, then fold them to fit the width of your shelving. Add decorative bowls on top to hold pins and other notions — and consider those another opportunity to show off even more of your style.

Hang It Up

Photo by Craftaholics Anonymous

Make use of wall space — and let fabric double as colorful art — by hanging a curtain rod into your wall studs. (That'll make sure it stays put no matter how heavy the load gets.) Then, fold your fabric lengthwise, hang it on curtain rings with clips, and sort in rainbow order.

Find a File

Photo by The Thinking Closet

Raise your hand if you have an old filing cabinet that's filled with years of no-longer-needed paperwork. Send that stuff through the shredder and — voila! — you'll have tons of space for your favorite fabrics. All you have to do is fold and drape over standard file folders (that you can cut in half to double in quantity). Extra points if you dedicate each drawer to a different sized cut!

Repurpose an Old Crib

Photo by Dwell Delightfully

Nope, that's not a custom-made fabric rack. It's the side of a crib! After your kiddo makes the leap to a big-kid bed, creating ideal fabric storage is as easy as leaning the crib piece against the wall. All you have to do is drape your fabric from lightest to darkest and you'll always know exactly what you have.

Go Vintage

Photo by Tonya Staab

An old cassette tape tray makes it easy to sort scraps and fat quarters into each slot. And the same principle applies to all kinds of storage containers. Keep an eye out at antique shops, thrift stores and garage sales for shelves and small boxes that are just waiting to enjoy a second life in your sewing room.

Grab Resealable Bags

Photo by Craft Buds

Instead of stuffing all your scraps into an overflowing bin (which could be the last you'll see of them), sort strips by color and store in separate zippered freezer bags. Easy and effective.

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Sandra Betzina
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6 Genius Ways to Organize Your Fabric Stash