6 Fun Ways to Store Small Sewing Supplies Right Where You Can See 'Em


With everyone Marie Kondo'ing their homes, organization is most definitely having a moment. That's why you should head straight to where the sewing magic happens and get ready for a refresh. These smart storage solutions keep all of your smaller supplies neat and nearby, and puts 'em on display for constant visual inspiration.

1. Cookie Jars

Never deal with a tangled mess of embroidery floss again. Wrap each skein around a clothespin, then toss the pins into a large mason or cookie jar. (Make it a clear one if you want the colors to shine through!) Keep the container on your cutting table for easy access, or store it on a sturdy, out-of-the-way shelf.

2. Lucite Drawers

Clear lucite drawers keep thread tucked away, but not so far away that you can't enjoy the pretty colors peeking through. Stash your favorite pair of scissors nearby (like in a funky cup on top of the drawers), so you can snip-snip at a moment's notice.

3. Cutting Table Caddy

Keep what you need right where you need it! A cutting table caddy is our fave way to store your most used items (think scissors, rotary cutters, marking tools and a tape measure) right in the middle of the action. If you tend to work in a few different spaces, consider making a portable sewing caddy so you can easily grab-and-go.

4. Mini Test Tubes

We've all seen what happens to paper clips and other tiny necessities when they swim around loose in drawers. One solution: small plastic tubes with cork stoppers that keep everything tidy, secure and visible. Up-cycled pill bottles and baby food jars so the job well, too.

5. Framed Thread Racks

Draw attention to your rainbow of thread by framing a wall-mounted rack. Hang up some batting-wrapped foam boards while you're at it, and suddenly you've got more creative space than ever for brainstorming your next project .

6. Spice Jars

Buttons and beads are way too pretty to be hidden away. Fill smaller, clear jars with notions organized by color or size. Then store 'em on a lazy susan or a tiered spice rack and you're in for a treat next time you need to sew on a button!

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6 Fun Ways to Store Small Sewing Supplies Right Where You Can See 'Em