6 Knits You Can Knock Out This Weekend

It’s Friday night. You have the whole weekend ahead of you for uninterrupted fun. And by fun, we obviously mean knitting. So kick back, fire up your favorite binge-worthy show (may we suggest the Grocery Girls on Off Our Needles? ), and knock out one of these knits to wear to work on Monday.

1. Chunky Headband

This roving yarn works up FAST. So fast, you might need to pick a second project to get you through the weekend. The cables take a little more time, but are also great motivation to keep going — just keeping knitting until that next cable cross...or the next one.

Spoiler alert: cables aren't complicated. You're knitting the same way you always do, you just switch up the order of your stitches a little bit. Easy peasy. This chunky headband pattern is a perfect first foray into cables: it's quick, easy to memorize, and CUTE.

2. Colorblock Hat

Ribbing sometimes gets a bad rap for being a bit tedious, but once you get in your knit/purl groove, those ribbed rows will fly by. And if you finish one and are still itching to knit, just reverse the colors and make a second!

Squishy, cozy and cool: this just might be the perfect hat. It knits up super quickly (thanks bulky yarn!), and you can make a million different color-blocked variations. Seriously, try to stop after knitting just one.

3. Waffle Stitch Cowl

Scarves are great, but cowls give you the same cozy warmth for way less effort. That’s why this waffle-stitch cowl is a perfect weekend project. Bulky yarn is the hero here again (are you sensing a theme?). Big stitches = quick knits.

4. Mini Shawls

A whole shawl might not be on the docket for a single weekend, but a mini shawl (or four) is totally doable. These experimental pieces let you play with shaping techniques, color, and design — all toward the goal of designing your own full-size shawl down the road.

Discover 14 ways to shape custom shawls that show off your unique aesthetic.

5. Lattice Scarf

Bulky yarn isn’t the only trick for quick-knit projects. Simple stitches (hellllllo, garter) and big button holes create an open fabric that stretches with blocking. A project that grows without knitting more rows? Magic!

Explore a stylish open buttonhole design as you start to work on an open lattice scarf. Vicki shares troubleshooting tips and various methods to create a whimsical and artistic buttonhole effect, including gauging and chart reading tips that will set you up for success. Work alongside Vicki from start to finish through numerous rows of the project, and let your imagination run wild with future open buttonhole patterns that you might want to try!

6. Fringed Stocking

Be one of those people! Start your Christmas knitting now and thank yourself in December. Make a few stockings in different colors, play with the fringe, experiment with embroidery and pom poms, and revel in the joy that is stress-free, off-season holiday making.

Good news, beginner knitters: all your handknit holiday fantasies are about to come true. Yep, you can totally knit this stocking! With a super simplified heel (it's really just a rectangle) and fun fringe, you'll be ready for Santa in no time.

February 23, 2019
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6 Knits You Can Knock Out This Weekend