6 Majorly Inspiring Paper Flower Artists You Need to Follow



Move over, dirt and seeds! Paper flower artists are sprouting some pretty incredible blooms, too. From giant peonies to uber-realistic bouquets, these no-wilt creations are popping up everywhere from galleries to weddings to Instagram. Follow these six feeds to get your fix. No green thumb required!

Tiffanie Turner

Tiffanie Turner likes to work big; some of her most well-known pieces are jumbo-sized blooms that cover half of her body. It represents one of the best things about making paper flowers — you can craft them however you like.

Sara Kim

Sara Kim specializes in wedding decor and bridal accessories. Her stylized pieces are made of solid-colored paper which, on things like this headpiece, makes a bold statement that can be appreciated from any distance. We'll say "I do" to that!

Jennifer Tran


Jennifer Tran, aka Papetal , takes advantage of just how delicate paper can be. Here, she’s created the passiflora plant with spotted tendrils and stamen. She often uses this fringed effect in her work to create exotic-looking pieces that leave you asking "is that real?"

Chantal Larocque


Chantal Larocque of Paper & Peony adds visual interest to her bouquets by mixing and matching different types of paper. Her blooms are often made using solid color paper that are stiff with some sculptural structure, while her leaves are relaxed crepe.

Ann Wood


Ann Wood strives for realism in her paper flowers by hand-painting many of the petals. As a result, each one has a bit of variety and looks less uniform — just as you’d find them in nature.

Christine Paper Design

Christine Paper Design specializes in bridal bouquets. While she often constructs blooms you’d find in conventional bouquets — like roses and peonies — she’s not afraid to branch with her designs with add-ons like protea or zinnias. The key to creating any lifelike plant, she says , is to study images of the real flowers she’s trying to imitate.

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6 Majorly Inspiring Paper Flower Artists You Need to Follow