6 Ways Fabric Glue Can Save You Time and Hassle


If you think fabric glue is really only for people who don't how to use a sewing machine, think again. It's actually for savvy stitchers who know how to save time and effort without compromising results. Even experienced pros can find plenty to love about the sticky stuff once they realize how many ways it can come in handy.

1. Basting

Using glue instead of long stitches for basting will save you all kinds of time. Special glue made for basting washes right out of the fabric, so you can use it for basting quilts, garments, and other sewing projects. That means no pins, and no need to rip out basting stitches later. Needle-nose applicator tips are great for tinier spots where you don't want to overdo it on the glue.

2. Replacing pins

Are you the type of sewer who constantly sews over your pins? If so, consider using glue more often. This can be especially useful if you're using a serger, since sewing over pins with your serger can seriously damage the machine.

3. Placing pockets

I recently sewed a dress that had patch pockets on the front. Even after pinning it, one of the pockets was still crooked. I eventually glued the pocket on, then sewed it. The glue helped hold everything in place until I could secure it. And it was also easier to sew since I didn't have to keep pulling the pins out of the pocket curves.

4. Quick, temporary hems

If you're running out the door and you don't have time to press and sew a nice hem, fabric glue is here to save the day. You can go back and fix it later.

5. Patches

Whether you find a hole in your jeans or just need to attach a Girl Scout patch ASAP, fabric glue can do the job just fine until you have time to give it the royal treatment.

6. Attaching small pieces

If you've ever made small projects like fabric jewelry, you've probably noticed that some pieces are just too small to sew together. Other projects need glue to hold things in place temporarily while the finished piece takes shape.

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6 Ways Fabric Glue Can Save You Time and Hassle