7 Modern Weavers We're Loving

If it were up to me, every blank wall in my house would be overflowing with fiber art ( #HomeGoals). The traditional art of weaving is having a major renaissance, as woven wall hangings take the decor world by storm. And with good reason: These incredible works are modern, gorgeous, and play remarkably well with all different kinds of decor. Here are just a few of the weavers I'm joyfully stalking these days...

Lindsay Wilson @Warp.and.Weft

Lindsay mixes so many different fibers, from chenille to twine to roving. She even uses unexpected fabrics like linen, which stands out without overpowering the other materials. Her work makes me want to go through my craft stash and reconsider potential weaving materials like ribbon and rope.

Rebecca Riel @Riel Finishings

Have a special town or vacation spot you want to commemorate forever on your wall? Rebecca creates woven “mapestries” and tapestries, weaving everything from states and provinces to bison and lakes. It’s a lovely way to incorporate memories into home decor, and the pieces make great gifts too!

Lian Fittler @Ada_Olive_Handmade

Lian’s exploration of different shapes will inspire you to think beyond squares and rectangles. She’s not afraid of color, so her abstract weavings are always visually adventurous.

Phoebe Hammonds @MadeWeaveLove

Beads, fringe, and pom poms are just a few of the many awesome additions you’ll see in Phoebe’s work. Some of her pieces even feature adorable pom-pom ladybugs and bees! She’ll give you constant inspiration for how to display those little extras in a way that's artful, not overwhelming.

Kia Black @WovenByKia

Just looking at Kia’s color palettes will make you feel chill. She’s all about varying textures, materials, and shapes so that there’s always something new and interesting to admire. If you’re trying to turn your home into a stress-free sanctuary, these colors will do the trick.

Clare @Jadeandfrankie

I’m obsessed with Clare’s cloud and tear drop-shaped looms. The different forms are ideal for small spaces where you may not be able to display a larger woven work of art. They also look amazing when displayed together as a collection.

Amber Jensen @Amberm.Jensen

Ooooh and ahhhh at Amber’s gorgeous weaving as it goes from loom to accessories like backpacks, rugs, and pouches. Between weaving photos, her Instagram provides abundant bonus inspo with to-die-for shots of the western North Carolina mountains.

August 30, 2018
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7 Modern Weavers We're Loving