7 Quick Sewing Projects You Can Start AND Finish This Weekend

These quickie sewing patterns offer (almost!) instant gratification. Try one when you need a breather from a bigger project, or have leftover fabric to put to good use.

1. Bust Your Stash, Stash Your Coins

This cute coin purse has just the right bells and whistles: a sturdy metal zipper and outside pocket with a secure snap closure.

2. An Upgraded Pouch

Why have one zipper pocket when you can have …. three! This purse organizer is a great way to practice sewing zip closures. (And one more time for the people in the back: There is ZERO reason to fear zippers; once you learn how, the world is yours.)

3. Keeping It Cozy

What’s better than getting into jammies at the end of the day? Slipping into brand new ones that you MADE YOURSELF, of course. These feature an elastic waistband and optional contrasting hem band. (Make 'em for the kids, too!)

4. Something Just For YOU!

Ooh-la-la! Be good to yourself this weekend and make a beautiful bralette ... and maybe even some matching lace panties!

5. It’s In The Bag

Say it with us: There's no such thing as too many purses. With waxed-canvas fabric and a cross-body strap, this is one you’ll grab again and again. This project is also a great way to learn how to add bag hardware.

6. This is No Ordinary Tee

Start and finish one of these totally original mixed-print tops in a weekend, and you'll learn SO MUCH about combining colors and prints. If you're nervous about getting profesh-looking results with knits, don't be. This video's packed with tips to help.

7. This Apron Gets An A+

Making dinner is a lot more fun in a so-pretty DIY apron. Choose bright prints or muted solids — just make sure your fabric is infinitely washable!

January 06, 2019
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7 Quick Sewing Projects You Can Start AND Finish This Weekend