8 Ornaments You Can Make From Scraps


No need to spend big bucks decking out the tree this year, just raid your craft stash to make these easy pieces!

1. Sweet Felt Rainbows

A couple snips, a few stitches and you've just made this year's cutest decoration.

Who says ornaments have to be wintry? If you like a little extra whimsy along with your snowflakes, Santas and woodland creatures, look no further than a felt rainbow. Hang 'em on your own tree or stitch up a bunch for friends!

2. Fancy Fair Isle Knits

This one knits up quick AND uses leftover yarn: Win, win!

3. Easy Owls

Pick your owl color and whip up a flock without an extra trip to the craft store.

We have NEVER seen anything cuter than these DIY felt owls. They're the perfect holiday project for gift giving, stocking stuffing or hanging on your tree. We're about to make a whole flock!

4. Cool Modern Yarn Spheres

We love this ornament's modern, minimalist look (plus we bet you already have the yardage you need).

If you're one of those knitters who can't bear to part with yarn leftovers, we have good news: This fiber-friendly tree decor will give those scraps a purpose!

5. Amazing Origami

Fold up a ton of these and you've got a tree with a whole new vibe.

Remember paper chains? Well we've got an even better way load up your tree with bold, bright, beautiful paper. Seriously, look how cool these are.

6. Snowflakes in Felt

Never-fray felt is so easy to work with.

7. Simple Crochet Ornaments

Sweet little circles of holiday happiness made right here with your trusty hook.

These crocheted ornaments are every kind of perfect: simple to make and soooooo cute. You can customize the pattern in endless ways (thick stripes, thin stripes, no stripes!), so you'll never get bored making them. Which is why every single person on your list might get one this year.

8. Delicate Knit Snowflakes

Lacey and light-as-air, these snowflakes would also look gorgeous hanging on a window sill.

Warm, cozy snowflakes may sound like a contradiction, but trust us: wool snowflakes are worth the effort. These lacy beauties look equally good hanging from a tree or framed in a window. Why not knit up a few and create your own winter wonderland?

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8 Ornaments You Can Make From Scraps