Show Off Your Embroidery Skills With a Stunning Pendant Necklace


Take a look at your closet: What have you already embroidered? It's likely that a T-shirt , jacket, and maybe even monogrammed pajamas are in there — and that's great. But here's an off-the-T-shirt way to showcase your stitching in style.

DIY Embroidered Pendant

What You'll Need:


1. Hoop Up and Design

Hoop up your fabric and, if you like, draw out your design. We used a geometric triangle design, but you can use your imagination.

2. Start Stitching

Stitch your design using colorful embroidery floss and a needle.

3. Trim It Down

Trim around your design, leaving a little bit of buffer around the stitching. Dab a bit of fabric glue on that buffer, on the wrong side of your design. Fold the edges in (this makes your necklace a bit sturdier).

4. Add the Backing

Cut a piece of felt to the same size and shape as your embroidered design. Use hot glue to stick the felt to the back of the piece — and be sure to tuck the ends of your necklace cord in there, too.

5. Attach a Clasp

Finish it off by adding your favorite kind of jewelry clasp on the end of the cording.

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Show Off Your Embroidery Skills With a Stunning Pendant Necklace