A Text Cake FTW!


Cake + candy = yes plz. This is a cake u won’t h8 — and the perf dessert 4 showing off ur savvy txt lingo. It's so lit.

DIY Candy Text Cake

Here’s how 2 make it

What you need:

  • Frosted cake
  • Round candies
  • Taffy
  • Rolling pin
  • Letters and numbers cookie cutters

1. Roll the taffy

Pick your fave color of taffy. Using a rolling pin, roll it so the candy is flat with an even thickness. You don’t have to roll it out a ton, just enough for the letter cookie cutters to fit.

2. Cut out your txt

Are you more of an #LOL or an #SMH person? Grab the letters in your go-to vocab, line ‘em up on the taffy and cut. Because taffy is a much more solid substance than, say, cookie batter, it might be helpful to lay something sturdy (like a small cutting board) on top of the cookie cutters as you press down, to help you get some muscle behind it.

Once your letters are cut, peel away the excess and poke the taffy letters out of the cutters.

3. Spell it out

Decorate around the base of your frosted cake with round candies. Then, place your taffy letters on top or around the sides and dig in!

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A Text Cake FTW!