10 Adorable Cake Pops You Just Have to Make

We’re here for cake no matter how you serve it, but if you want to really wow a crowd you’ve gotta make it bite-size and put it on a stick. Enter these 10 cake pop ideas: they’re portable, they’re adorable, and they’re a blast to make.

1. Birds of a Feather

Tweet about this one: Start with teardrop shaped dough and use your fingers to mold the tapered end into a tail shape. Then you’re ready to dip ! Just make sure you let the excess coating flow off the back point for a smooth look.

2. Beary Cute

Push M&M ears and a nose right into your dough before dipping for the perfect furry friend, no shaping required! (Just remember: Never use M&Ms on the outside of your pops because the colors will bleed in the fridge.)

3. Strawberry Fields

Can’t find the exact candy you need to decorate a pop? You gotta improvise! We snipped green gummy bears into triangles to make this strawberry’s leaves.

4. Flower Power

Tulips, two ways: Learn how to use a butter knife to make the prettiest bud, then break out the melon baller to shape your in-bloom fleur.

5. Apple of Our Eye

To make the basket shape, start with a tapered log and tap it against your surface to flatten one side. Then dip , and fill ‘er up with red Sixlet candy “apples.”

6. Living on the Hedge

Double (dip) or nothing! Once your light-brown coating dries, dip the back portion of the pop again in dark brown candy to section off the hedgehog’s back portion. Then, while it’s still wet, quickly add the spines with a toothpick.

7. Mermaid Magic

Split an oval shape down the middle, then mold it with your fingers to make the perfect fins. Once you’ve shaped , dipped , and piped, don’t forget to add the magic touch: A generous coating of luster dust!

8. Horns Up

Fruit chews, FTW! Let your dipped pops set, then mold these pink candies into the horn and ears. (You'll also want to use lots of pretty sprinkles to finish up the look!)

9. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Think cake pops are always round? No way! This rectangle shape is actually super-easy to perfect. (Our no-fail method involves flattening the dough between books!)

10. The Final Rose

Two words for you: candy clay . By adding corn syrup to candy melts, you can create a clay-like material that’s perfect for molding into flower petals (and more).

June 24, 2019
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10 Adorable Cake Pops You Just Have to Make