9 Awesome Kids’ Murals to Recreate for Your Littles

A kid's room should be their personal creativity canvas — a place to spotlight their unique personalities and hobbies. And what's the boldest way to do just that? A mural that takes up a WHOLE WALL.

These murals were all painted by the pros, but don't worry — the artists are here to share their expert tips and tricks with you. All you need is a kid or a baby (that’s probably a good place to start, right?), some paint, and heaps of imagination. If you're extra brave, you can even ask your child to join in the making!

Deep in the Jungle

Take an image, project it on a wall and turn it into a gorgeous mural — seriously, it’s that easy! This is a fun way to personalize your kiddo’s space with exactly what they want, and you don’t have to have any artistic prowess to pull it off. All you need to do is trace!

The Inspiration

James Worsham’s childhood room was bor-ring. That is, until he started drawing on the walls (and getting swiftly grounded). But now as an adult (and a designer), he’s free to draw on as many walls as he wants!

James’ Bonus Tips

When transferring your design to tracing paper, use a thick marker to make a general outline instead of trying to capture every little detail. You just want to make sure you get all the outside edges (there’s plenty of time to refine later).

A Trip to Paris

Dana Maciag, owner of Kid Murals by Dana , created this Parisian getaway for her own daughter. She matched the wall’s blue hue to the comforter, added 3-D elements and pulled it all together with a vanity, whimsical drapes and a custom dresser that she painted as well.

The Inspiration

“[My daughter] had that Paris bedspread for a while, and we were finally in a home where I could paint the walls. She's been obsessed with Paris for quite a while now, so it’s just something she enjoys. She would obviously like to travel there someday!”

Dana’s Bonus Tips

“If you don’t have the ability to draw freehand, don’t be ashamed to use a projector and project an image onto a wall. There are plenty of talented artists who do this to save time of course, but to also make sure they get an image just right — including me on certain jobs!”

The Coolest Geometric Backdrop

Designer Jo Gick (maybe you’ve seen her on NBC’s Making It) revamps tween bedrooms on our series Rooming Up! , where she pulled together this funky geometric wall.

The Inspiration

When Riley needed a more mature room (read: no baby blue walls), Jo came up with a fun design that would look perfect in any space. And while there’s still blue, it’s much more of a grown-up vibe.

Jo’s Bonus Tips

Before you start painting, sketch it out first. When you have a game plan going in, you won’t run into any tricky problems (like having two of the same colors accidentally end up next to each other).

An Out-Of-This-World Space Voyage

This far-out piece was Trista Lundquist ’s first crack at painting a mural — but the fact that she's a graphic designer probably helped! She designed this mural for her son, starting with a dark teal color and then drawing the planets with a pencil. She kept photographs of the actual planets handy to mimic their hues and textures.

The Inspiration

“My son loves science and wanted an outer space-themed bedroom, so it only seemed fitting to do a space mural on one wall.”

Trista’s Bonus Tips

“Have fun with the stars. They shouldn’t be perfect — and expect a mess. Dip your brush in paint that you’ve watered down slightly, stand back and flick the brush towards the wall. Also, concentrate on one planet a time. It feels so much less daunting.”

A Sweet Walk in a Meadow

Natalie Lundeen started her artistic journey by studying oil painting and specializing in traditional landscapes and portraits. But when she had a baby three years ago, she switched to children’s illustrations. That's obviously a sweet spot for her, based on this fanciful mural.

The Inspiration

“This mural was for a little girl’s nursery. She was only two and didn’t have strong opinions about what she wanted, so I made something sweet that she and her parents would enjoy, and that would be suitable for several years as she transitions into a big-girl room. I kept the colors soft enough for it to be fun to look at but still keep a relaxing atmosphere in the room.”

Natalie’s Bonus Tips

“The wall was purple, so I started by painting it white. I did a small, rough sketch to work out the composition and colors, taking into account the dimensions of the room and where the furniture would be. I traced the bear on the wall from a projection. I got a gallon of white latex paint and used small bottles of acrylic craft paint to tint it. If you want to do a colorful mural, you can get a lot of colors this way for much less money.”

Purple Mountain Majesty

"The mountains are calling, and I must paint them." Okay, maybe that's not how the quote goes, but we're itchin' to make all our walls a gorgeous, mountanous ombré after seeing this killer mural from Decorating 101 .

The Inspiration

For this space, Tavia and Monet wanted the wall to act as a focal point, with a cool, ombré color scheme.

Tavia and Monet’s Bonus Tips

When it comes to defining the mountains’ jagged edges (because what mountain is smooth?), tie a rubber band around your brush’s bristles. This will allow your paint application to be much more structured and give you so much more detail.

An Invitation to Go on Adventures

As the Lead Editor and Designer of her DIY décor blog Harlow & Thistle , Andrea Haraldsen knows a thing or two about artistic projects — like the mural she designed for her son’s room. She created a simple yet inspiring accent, and even detailed her experience through a blog post .

The Inspiration

"This mural is like a badge and speaks to his love of the outdoors. As a person, I’m scared of a lot of things and I don’t want to pass this onto my kids. I want them to always seek adventure and enjoy life.”

Andrea’s Bonus Tips

“My number one tip is to not be afraid to make a mistake. As Bob Ross used to say, mistakes are just ‘happy accidents.’ My next tip is to step back often. Once you draw your design with pencil on the wall, step back and make sure it’s the look you’re going for before you start painting. Lastly, think of your mural as a layered Photoshop file and paint from the last layer to the first layer, or in other words, from background to foreground.”

Add Whimsy with Abstract Shapes

What better way to add color to a space than with big, fun organic shapes? This mural can make any room f-u-n, and you can have your kiddo help out by cutting out their own shapes for you to paint.

The Inspiration

Textile artist and designer Kate Zaremba is all. about. color. Creating fun, unique abstract murals is her bread and butter, and this is something anyone can easily make on their own!

Kate’s Bonus Tips

Take your time arranging and rearranging the shapes to find a layout that you LOVE. Then, before picking up the paint, sketch out your design on a piece of scrap paper and play around with the color.

A Prickly Path Through the Desert

Natalie Prill Irvine is a soap maker by day and a painter in her spare time — a hobby she’s cherished since college. She spiced up her daughter's wall with some playful cacti, beginning with a basic sketch and a solid-color background. She painted each cactus a solid color and added the shadows and highlights later. Finally, she added the needles for a spiky touch.

The Inspiration

“I imagined something bold, fun and desert-inspired, since we reside in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Saguaro cacti are all over the landscape here, so I decided to bring them indoors — minus the needles!”

Natalie’s Bonus Tips

“Don’t overthink it! If you have an idea and you’re excited to execute it, go for it. It’s paint, and you can always paint over it when you make a mistake or if it doesn’t work out. Also, invest in a quality stepladder. Just don’t try painting while balancing on a chair!”

September 22, 2018
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9 Awesome Kids’ Murals to Recreate for Your Littles