Beat the Winter Blues With a Dose of Vitamin C (Crafting!)

We all know that not-so-great January feeling. The twinkly holiday lights have come down, and regular routines once again take over. Fewer cookies, more responsibilities... sigh.

Some psychologists have even named the third Monday in January Blue Monday, one of the most depressing days of the year.

You know where we’re going with this: The dark days of winter are the BEST possible time to pick up your paintbrush, your knitting needles, your fabric… anything to get your hands busy and your creativity humming.

And the mood-boosting power of crafting isn’t just a nice idea. It’s science! Researchers have long touted the stress-reduction benefits of creative hobbies, with some research even revealing a specific connection between knitting and all kinds of good-mood benefits — from feeling more calm and happy to making better social connections with others!

So this year, we’re flipping January on its head by rounding up our favorite feel-good projects and digging right in. Care to join us?

1. Stitch a Good Vibe!

Plants make us happy. Crafting makes us happy. Put ‘em together and we call that a win.

Everywhere we look, hoops are going green — literally! The #PlantLady trend has made it into the embroidery world, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. (Especially those of us who aren’t the best at remembering to water the real deal.)

2. Play With Your Blocks

Quilting doesn’t always have to be about precision. These sweet mini art quilts are all about freeform fun.

3. Flip Out!

Connect with your inner kid (and maybe your actual kids, too!) while making your own animated flip book. No fancy drawing skills required.

4. Take To the Woods

Okay maybe not literally. But how about spending the afternoon with your watercolors, creating a peaceful woodland scene?

5. So. Stinkin'. Cute.

Create your own amigurumi monster any way you want! Three eyes, four noses… and definitely at least one mouth for a great big smile.

6. Double Your Delight

The satisfaction of actually completing something is a big part of what makes crafting so joyful. This class teaches you how to complete two socks at once. Score!

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January 17, 2019
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Beat the Winter Blues With a Dose of Vitamin C (Crafting!)