5 Gorgeous Pie-deas We Can't Wait to Try


It's official: we're trading in our paintbrushes for pastry. It turns out pie is the perfect canvas for every creative whim.

Do pies taste better when they look this cool? We'll let you decide.

Betty's ready

Photo by thepieous
Believe your eyes: this is pie-trait of Betty White in all her pastel glory. The key to all this color and shading is clever use of cinnamon, edible powders, and edible gold paint. "Just be sure to work slowly and carefully. Take your time gently tapping in the powder through your stencil and brushing away all of the excess before lifting the stencil off your dough," says Jessica of Pies are Awesome. If you have any spillage, you can always use a clean knife to scrape it off.

Mini pies

Photo by acarriedaffairdesigns
Food blogger Carrie has a secret: pie crust cutters. These tools allow you to get intricately shaped and layered tops without overworking the dough. She also points out there's no shame in store-bought dough. "I always top my pie crusts with an egg wash then sprinkle coarse sugar in the raw on the tops," she says. "It's a great way to take store-bought pie crusts to the next level."

Pie pride

Photo by marysebakes
A handmade stencil helped baker Maryse shape this amazing flowing mane. "Keeping the dough cold is key when cutting intricate details," she explains. "Intermittently pop the dough into the freezer for 5 minutes at a time, and then let it freeze solid before transferring it onto the pie for baking. It’ll be easier to transfer onto your pie, and will keep its shape better!"

Hip to be square

Photo by lavieofabaker
The latticework and braids on this pie are stunning for sure, but the unusual shape has to be our favorite part. If you're ready to think inside the square, choose a tart pan with fluted edges — the fluting creates a crust with thicker edges to support heavy fillings. A false bottom is also helpful when it's time to get that beauty out of the pan and sliced.

Natural elements

Photo by gingervegan
It's not all about pastry when it comes to dramatic pie toppers. Baker Mairi topped this frozen pie (that's right, the pumpkin filling is served cold!) with pecans and gorgeous Cape gooseberries. Not familiar with this unusual fruit? Their unique flavor is hard to describe, but definitely worth a taste. Leave the inedible husks on for extra decoration.

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Evan Kleiman
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5 Gorgeous Pie-deas We Can't Wait to Try