3 Fun Projects You Can Make From Block Printed Fabric

There's an easy (and fun!) way to make fabric you won't see anywhere else: block printing . By carving a block and using it to stamp a pattern onto fabric — which you can learn to do in Fabric Design: Block Printing — you'll never stress about finding the perfect material for any sewing, quilting or home decor project ever again. But block printing is only half the fun: what you make with that one-of-a-kind fabric is what'll give you that awesome 'I did it!' moment.

1. Be a Chef With Style

Whether you use the strawberry template provided or create your own carved design, an apron printed with a favorite food is a must-have for any cook or baker. This is an A+ project for block printing beginners, and you'll learn how to work with two-color designs.

Start to build complexity in your fabrics with a brick repeat pattern, made by offsetting some of the block placements on your fabric. Then follow along as Jen makes a simple apron with the included pattern. Sew one up; you'll need it for your block-printing adventures!

2. Make the Coolest Pillow Covers

If you're just testing the waters of block printing, a geometric print pillow is one of the easiest projects for first-timers. Simply carve a block from an everyday eraser , stamp it out, then start stitching. You can make a bunch in a single weekend and totally personalize your space.

Picture your couch all fancied up with throw pillows you won't see anywhere else. The secret is making 'em yourself.

3. Print Your New Go-To Handbag

There's something oh-so-satisfying about making your own bag , especially with an eye-catching fabric you designed yourself. Print ½ yard of fabric, then stitch it into a zippered clutch to carry on all your adventures.

A beautiful handmade bag truly is the perfect accessory. This one-of-a-kind zippered pouch is great for traveling, a night on the town, brunch with your girlfriends — it even works for stashing cosmetics or those little-kid essentials mom always has to have on hand. Best part: you can whip it up the same day you want to show it off!

January 24, 2020
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3 Fun Projects You Can Make From Block Printed Fabric