Bring the Whimsy With 3D Fondant Clouds

Wouldn't every kiddo's cake be more fun with a few 3D fondant clouds added in? You can use them to add whimsical charm, hide an imperfection... whatever. Plus they're seriously easy to make, so let's do it!

What You Need:

  • White fondant
  • Small fondant rolling pin
  • Edible white pearlescent luster dust
  • Food-safe fluffy brush
  • Small, sharp knife or food safe scalpel
  • Edible glue

First, Roll Up the Fondant

Roll three different sized balls of white fondant. You’ll need one large for the center of your cloud and two smaller ones for either end.

Attach the three balls to each other using a tiny amount of edible glue to form your cloud shape.

Roll a Sheet

Roll out some white fondant with your rolling pin (we rolled ours to a thickness of about 2mm). This should be thin enough to work with but thick enough to get a nice rounded shape.

Also, make sure that your rolled out fondant is larger than your cloud.

Layer It On

Add a little edible glue into your fondant balls and carefully lay your rolled fondant on top.

Gently and quickly work your way around the cloud to smooth the fondant layer down. Use your fingers to help shape the piece to create a nice "billow-y" effect.

Trim Away the Excess

Once everything's been smoothed over, cut away the layer of fondant around the cloud, leaving 2-3mm of excess.

Now softly fold and smooth the overhanging edges of fondant underneath your cloud. Make sure not to create any bumps or pleats!

Shine It Up!

Get your fluffy, food-safe brush and lightly dust some of that glittery pearlescent luster dust onto your cloud. You're done!

December 30, 2018
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Bring the Whimsy With 3D Fondant Clouds