Bust that Stash with 5 Precut-Friendly Quilt Projects


When it comes to pre-cuts, the quilting possibilities are endless. Whether you want to whip up a quick block pattern or piece together something more intricate, here are our go-to designs.

1. A Simple (But ADORABLE) Baby Quilt

This is the perfect project for a first-time quilter. All you need is an ample stash of pre-cut 5-inch squares!

2. Cross Hatch Your Fabric

The cross hatch quilt is a dream come true for lovers of bright colors and bold patterns. Not to mention, it's a super fun way to use up your 10-inch squares.

3. A Quilt this Classic? We're Swooning!

Old-school is the new cool. Stack up your fat quarters and stitch this beautiful classic.

4. Take a Modern Approach

If you're looking for something a little different and a bit of a challenge, look no further than the hourglass quilt. It's hip! It's rainbow! We're sold.

5. Small Cuts, Big Builds

Why limit yourself to straight line sewing with precuts? You can get a lot from these smaller cuts and applique pieces, too!

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Christa Watson
Christa Watson
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Kimberly Einmo
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Amy Smart
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Bust that Stash with 5 Precut-Friendly Quilt Projects