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          Crochet the Wild West With Cactus Amigurumi Patterns!


          My thumb is so black that I can't even keep succulents alive. There. I said it. I even kill plants that require minimal water! But, even though I often kill them, I'm still a big fan of succulents. Fortunately, I've learned to appreciate them in several different forms. A cactus crochet amigurumi pattern is just one way that you, too, can bring a taste of the west into your home — no watering required.

          Check out these cute cactus amigurumi patterns to create your own crocheted dessert oasis!

          Crochet cactus garden
          Photo via Bluprint member  Favouritetois

          Cactus collection

          Have your eyes on this little garden? You're not messing around then! This collection of crochet patterns includes instructions for six different types of cactus so that you can create and arrange your very own little garden. You probably already have an extra bowl hanging around the house that you can use as the container.

          Get the 6 cactus collection pattern here.
          Crochet prickly pear cactus
          Photo via Bluprint member  Bubblegumbelles

          Prickly pear cactus

          The flowering succulents are always the most coveted. Here, a ladybug joins the party too. You can find little planters similar to the one above at any store where gardening supplies are sold. (You'll probably want to buy extra, because these make great gifts, too!)

          Get the prickly pear cactus pattern here.
          Crochet ball cactus
          Photo via Bluprint member  FlyingDutchman

          Ball cactus

          Small beads and little embroidered stitches are what set this cactus apart from the rest. Of course, the embellishments are totally optional, so you can skip them if you're not digging the look. Going for the beads but not sure exactly where to start?  Click here for tips for crocheting with beads .

          Get the ball cactus pattern here.
          Amigurumi heart cactus crochet
          Photo via Bluprint member  Sayjai

          Amigurumi heart cacti

          No need to look for a container for this amigurumi. You'll crochet the teacup container that it sits in, plus the little flower embellishments. Use buttons for the eyes, or just embroider them yourself with scrap black yarn.

          Get the FREE amigurumi heart cactus pattern here.
          Amigurumi crochet cactus
          Photo via Bluprint member  marys_des2283555

          Amigurumi cactus

          This cactus would be a great way to use those mohair yarn scraps! The mohair gives the cactus a fuzzy texture that mimics the look of a live cactus. As with any other amigurumi, you can change up your needles and yarn weight to crochet a cactus that's bigger or smaller than the original.

          Get the amigurumi cactus pattern here.
          Curly crochet cactus
          Photo via Bluprint member  magicphylum

          Curly cactus

          It looks like these two cacti are giving me a peace sign with their fingers. What do you think? I'm really digging the curly little addition to this ordinary cactus. An entire set of these would look great grouped together on a windowsill or table.

          Get the FREE curly cactus pattern here.

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          If you're not confident enough to jump right into these cactus amigurumi patterns, (or just want to learn even more about these adorable crocheted creatures) ease yourself in with a Bluprint class like Amigurumi: Woodland Animals with Stacey Trock. Each skill you learn in the class, from crocheting in the round to stuffing your amigurumi, will be helpful in making any of these cactus patterns. Plus, you'll get patterns for some unbelievably adorable animals, like a bluebird and a raccoon. Awww!


          Which do you have when gardening: a green thumb or a black thumb?

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          Crochet the Wild West With Cactus Amigurumi Patterns!