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          Fondant Boot Camp: How to Create Camouflage Fondant


          There are some pretty fun things you can do with fondant when creating a themed birthday cake or cupcakes. One fantastic fondant or gum paste effect is... camouflage!

          Painting a camouflage pattern can leave an untidy and streaky look, but you can achieve a great army-ready look with our quick and easy tutorial!

          Attention! Here's your boot camp training on camouflage fondant techniques.

          Photos via Juniper Cakery

          Materials needed:

          • Fondant tinted in three different shades (the traditional involves a light murky green, dark green and a brown)
          • Rolling pin (large for cakes and small for cupcakes)
          • Cornstarch to dust your surface
          • Cutters (optional - for creating flat cupcake topper discs)

          Step 1:

          Take your colored fondant and separate each color into lots of different sized balls. Make some of the balls into fat rope-like shapes and curve them into L shapes. Try to make each ball or rope vary in size to help make your camouflage pattern more random in style.

          Step 2:

          Group the balls and L shapes of fondant together on a cornstarch dusted surface so each touch and make sure that all of the colors are mixed up. With your hand push them a little down and inwards just to compact them a little.

          Step 3:

          Now roll out with a rolling pin making sure that you roll the fondant out in at least couple of different directions. If you'd like some smaller camouflage "splodges" you can always add smaller sized balls or ropes on top and roll these into already rolled out fondant. Do keep in mind that this can make your fondant a little thinner due to the extra rolling.

          Step 4:

          Roll until all colors have blended together. Once you've finished rolling out your fondant balls and L shapes you should be left with some fondant that looks just like the camouflage print featured on army fabric!

          This quick technique is pretty easy and fuss-free to create and you can obviously work to different themed cakes by changing your color palettes and combinations!

          When creating camouflage fondant for larger cakes, however, do keep in mind that you may need to work with a selection of larger sized balls and L shaped pieces of fondant. You'll also need to roll out your fondant together thoroughly as any pieces that haven't fused together properly may break away!

          Creating bold camouflage fondant works well with playful novelty cakes from gaming, army-inspired, or hunting themed. Why not pair camouflage patterned fondant with silver edible dog tags, cartoon bombs, or bright lettering? For a lively birthday you could even create a themed cake with a camouflage fondant covered tier and lots of small gum paste toy soldiers, army-style patches and bright primary colors. The options are endless!

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          If you're eager to discover some more amazing fondant techniques and designs, then you should try Marina Sousa's Advanced Fondant Techniques class. You'll discover a whole host of fabulous design tips, tricks and ideas to try out for your next cake design!

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          Fondant Boot Camp: How to Create Camouflage Fondant