The Perfect Cake for Candy Corn Lovers!


Candy corn is an iconic Halloween treat, but if you prefer cake, try out our easy-to-make candy corn cake! It's fun, easy to customize (we added a cute face with fangs!) and great for Halloween get-togethers!

Easy candy corn cake tutorial

What you need:

Step 1: Cut the triangle shapes

We used two 8" square cakes for our candy corn cake, but you could also use a sheet cake.

Cut your cakes into equally sized isosceles triangles. We only used two layers for this tutorial, but you could use three or four for a taller cake, if you like.

Step 2: Stack, fill and crumb coat the cake

Carefully stack your layers, using your favorite filling between the layers. Then crumb coat the cake with buttercream or ganache. If you need a little more guidance on this step, check out these two tutorials:

Step 3: Sculpt the rounded edges

We find that a cake is easier to sculpt or trim after it's crumb coated. At this point, use a small sharp knife to round the edges a little. Once you're happy with the shape, smooth on a little extra buttercream to seal the edges. Now place the whole cake in the fridge until firm.

Step 4: Cover with fondant

Once your cake has firmed up, cover it with a thin layer of plain white fondant. This layer makes it easier to add your colored stripes later. Plus, it stops any buttercream or ganache from showing through.

If you're not confident covering unusual cake shapes with fondant, Rachael Teufel offers a great video tutorial here .

Step 5: Add the fondant stripes

Measuring for the stripes

Now for those iconic candy corn stripes! Measure your cake from top to bottom and divide the measurement by 3. This is the width of each stripe — but don't forget about covering the sides of the cake, too. Use a veining tool or small sharp knife to mark the white fondant with where your stripes should go.

Adding the yellow stripe

Roll out the yellow fondant to the dimensions you measured (again, don't forget the sides of the cake!). Cut along one end to create a straight edge.

Lay the straight edge onto your cake along the the line you made as a mark. To help adhere the fondant, use a food-safe brush to paint on a little edible glue. Smooth down the sides and use a sharp knife to trim away any excess fondant along the sides.

Adding the orange stripe

For the middle orange stripe, roll out the orange fondant and cut it to size, making sure you have two straight edges and enough length to cover the sides of the cake. Again, use edible glue to adhere the stripe to the center of the cake. Trim off any excess.

Adding the white stripe

Roll out your last piece of  fondant. Measure it and then cut away a straight edge where it will meet with the edge of the orange stripe. Make sure you have enough extra fondant to cover the sides and tip of the cake.

Attach this fondant with a little edible glue and trim the edges away from the base of the cake.

Step 6: Add a glaze

For a little shine, you can coat your cake with a corn syrup glaze or steam it lightly.

If you're happy with how the cake looks now, you can stop here! Or, continue with the next step to add a cute face.

Step 7: Add cute facial features

Make the eyes

Cut out two white fondant ovals for the eyes and attach these in place with some edible glue. 

Add two black circles of fondant to the whites of the eyes. Coat with a glaze or steam for a little shine . Finally, add two small white circles on top in the same place of each eye.

Make the mouth

Roll out a thin rope of black fondant, cut down to a length you like and attach it with edible glue.

Cut out two small triangles of white fondant and attach them right underneath the mouth at opposite ends. The thinner tips should point downward to create fangs.

Not only is this cake super fun and fang-tastic, but it's a great way to ease into carving a cake for a beginner. It's also pretty quick for anyone a little more experienced who needs a cool Halloween cake!

Joshua John Russell Halloween Makeup

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