Arm Yourself With Chainmaille Jewelry Patterns

Historically, chainmaille was worn by knights as armor, but today chainmaille has a much different reputation.

There are dozens of chainmaille jewelry patterns to try, from dragon scale to Byzantine and the ever-popular Japanese 12-in-2 that results in a surprising flower pattern. Some, like the dragon scale, are not for the faint of heart but others are suitable for beginners who want to test the waters with chainmaille jewelry patterns.

No matter your skill level, arm yourself with one of these chainmaille jewelry patterns — no horse or special armor required.

Chainmaille Square Necklace pattern

Photo via Bluprint member YukiSakuma

Chainmaille Square Necklace

It's super easy to change the length of this chainmaille by adding or subtracting squares. You could even consider making matching earrings and a bracelet based on the necklace pattern. The beads are a great idea for adding a little bit of color, but they're totally optional.

Get the Chainmaille Square Necklace ITA pattern here.

Rings of Saturn Chainmaille Bracelet pattern

Photo via Bluprint member NiteDreamerDsgn

Rings of Saturn Chainmaille Bracelet

Chainmaille doesn't have to be all about metal. This bracelet incorporates plenty of shiny beads to give your chainmaille some sparkle and color. Designer NiteDreamerDsgn donates 10 percent of every sale to Shark Savers , an organization committed to putting a stop to finning.

Get the Rings of Saturn Chainmaille Bracelet pattern here.

Earrings in Byzantine Chainmaille Style

Photo via Bluprint member gunadesign

Earrings in Byzantine Chainmaille Style

If you've never tried chainmaille before, earrings are a good place to start since they're small. If you mess up, just start over again without sacrificing too much time or supplies! You'll see this Byzantine technique used in many different types of chainmaille. Once you're comfortable with it, you'll be able to create all kinds of different pieces.

Get the Earrings in Byzantine Chainmaille Style pattern here.

Rhinos Snorting Drano Chainmaille Tutorial

Photo via Bluprint member BeadedJewelry

Rhinos Snorting Draino Chainmaille Tutorial

Yep, you read that name correctly! Rhinos Snorting Draino is a little different from standard weaves, and designer BeadedJewelry is here to show you how to do it, along with her own Rhinos Shaken Not Stirred creation. Use the skills you learn to create any piece of jewelry you'd like.

Get the Rhinos Snorting Draino Chainmaille Tutorial here.

Chainmaille Bracelet

Photo via Bluprint member Guinevere

Chainmaille Bracelet

This weave is what most of us think of when we think about traditional chainmaille. Modernize it just a bit like Bluprint member Guinevere did by adding black rings that create a cool design.

Get the Chainmaille Bracelet pattern here.

Bangle Iron Daisy pattern

Photo via Bluprint member gunadesign

Bangle Iron Daisy

This Japanese 12-in-2 flower design can be transformed into anything from a pair of earrings to a pendant or a bangle like the one seen here. You could even link dozens of them together to make a really gorgeous necklace. Designer gunadesign says this is a great first chainmaille project for beginners. Of course, more advanced fans of chainmaille will breeze right through it.

Get the Bangle Iron Daisy pattern here.

Dragon Scale Chainmaille

Photo via Bluprint member BagAPoncho

Dragon Scale Chainmaille

Possibly one of the most famous of all chainmaille, dragon scale is both beautiful and challenging. Bluprint member BagAPoncho has one piece of advice for anyone who tackles this project: Be patient.

Read more about the Dragon Scale Chainmaille project here.

Have you ever tried chainmaille jewelry? What's your favorite technique?

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May 28, 2015
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Arm Yourself With Chainmaille Jewelry Patterns