This Is the Craft You Should Try Based on Your Favorite Wine!


If your picture of paradise includes both crafting and wine, we feel you. Everybody knows a little sippy-sip makes everything better, and that goes double for creative activities. So we’ve put together a guide that brings two of our favorite things together. (Plus, Bluprint members get $26 off their first Winc wine subscription box through this link !) Read on, get inspired, and let the inspo flow…

If You Love: Cabernet

You just might be: a baker
Hello, gorgeous! You live for big, yummy flavors, and you don’t hold back when the urge to indulge comes knocking. Just like your favorite wine, you’re expansive, generous and warm. So the only thing you enjoy more than baking up goodies for yourself is sharing all that sugar-love with the people around you. (And we really do appreciate it!)

Meet veteran baker Abby Dodge and get started with an orange-scented sponge cake with strawberry-goat cheese cream. Learn the four-step process to creating a classic cake roll. Then finish with a modern technique that will help you decorate like a pro.

If You Love: Pinot Noir

You just might be: a hand-letterer
For you, it’s all about elegance. But don’t get us wrong — that doesn’t mean you’re stuffy or stiff. In both your wine and craft, you prefer a light touch and smooth, flowy vibe. Never one to shy away from complexity, you embrace life’s twists, turns and curlicues. After all, that’s what makes it interesting!

Meet Adam and start by reviewing the key terms you'll be using throughout class to increase your understanding of hand-lettering as a practice. After that, Adam leads you through some warm-up exercises.

If You Love: Rosé

You just might be: a paper crafter
“Keep it simple” is your golden (or should we say pink?) rule. Why overthink something that’s supposed to be fun? You like your craft just like your wine: light, lovely and easy to pick up and enjoy on a moment’s notice.

Need a card, like, now? Been there. But here's the good news: we've got all the inspo for quick cards that still look cute. You can make these cards in under 30 minutes, with supplies you probably already have around the house (or buried in your craft room). Score!

If You Love: Pinot Gris

You just might be: a quilter
Hand over a ruler, a sharp rotary cutter and nice chilled glass of Pinot puts you on the fast-train to your happy place. You have a passion for everything crisp, precise and delicate, whether it’s a perfect pour or a perfectly pieced block. Obsessive? Maybe a little. But that's totally part of your creative charm.

Latifah begins by showing you how to cut fabric into bias strips, join them together and trim them. You'll use your iron and a bias tape maker to create perfectly folded strips that are ready to appliqué to a background fabric or block.

If You Love: Chardonnay

You just might be: a knitter
A good, full-bodied Chardonnay stands up to your craving for rich, complicated texture that you can really sink your needles into. (Complexity doesn’t phase you one bit.) In fact, you’ll generally choose a challenge over a bore, both in sipping and stitching.

Meet Xandy and begin class with a discussion of the basic techniques and concepts of stacked stitch knitting. Then go over the materials you’ll need for your project, a stacked stitches scarf.

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This Is the Craft You Should Try Based on Your Favorite Wine!