8 Christmas Drawing Ideas to Get in the Holiday Spirit


The holiday season is here, and you can get in the spirit by breaking out your pencils or pens and sketching a festive scene! Whether you're looking for gift ideas or just want to satisfy your drawing craving with a seasonal subject, there are plenty of holiday motifs to choose from.

If you are not sure where to begin, just start drawing one of the holiday images that you like and stay with it. It may not look perfect in the beginning but you will be surprised how it can take shape as you work on it.  

1. Snowmen

You can never go wrong with drawing a snowman! Have you ever seen a snowman rendering that did not melt your heart in some way? You can find a few helpful hints for drawing and painting a snowman  here .

Bouniette and the Christmas Tree drawing by Bluprint member Benjinca

2. A decorated Christmas tree

While you might draw trees frequently, you probably don't typically draw trees with garland, ornaments and gifts decorating it! With so many elements in the composition, you'll never get bored when drawing a Christmas tree.

3. Neighborhood Christmas decorations

Look around you house and neighborhood for inspiration. A window decked for the holiday with a wreath and some snow can be a lovely keepsake gift to share.

  Abby the Tabby drawing by Bluprint member Mary McConnell

4. Holiday lights

Any subject looks more festive when you add glowing holiday lights  to the scene. This is a great subject for an artist who's up for the challenge of working with multiple light sources. Or, for a simpler approach, draw single strands of lights on the backside of your holiday card envelopes, gift cards or even on party invitations.

drawing holiday artwork

5. A cozy scene

A warm holiday setting can capture the feeling of the holiday. Warm yellows with pinks and browns and a few evergreens make for a picture perfect setting.

6. A nutcracker

Whether it's a small detail in a larger scene or the main subject of your drawing, nutcrackers are loads of fun. You can make them look like someone you know or dream up a personality just for the drawing.

Pencil Sketch – Ornaments drawing by Bluprint member Linda Grise

7. Ornaments

Challenge yourself to draw realistic spheres in the most festive way imaginable! Whether they're hanging on the tree or strewn about like in the drawing above, you'll love all the possibilities of drawing tree decor.

8. A holly wreath

Need a little more guidance on your Christmas drawing? Here's an easy step-by-step tutorial to create a lovely holly wreath.

Step 1:

Draw whole holly leaves in a circular formation. If you are planning on adding a bow to the wreath, leave that part of the wreath empty of leaves.

Step 2:

Fill in partial holly leaf shapes behind the whole leaves you drew in Step 1. Add little clusters of holly berries and a few loose berries too.

Step 3:

Draw the bow and fill in any blank space around with parts of holly leaves poking out from behind it.

Step 4:

Paint or color the holly leaves in the same hues of green in varying lighter and darker shades to give depth and make them look natural. Paint the berries and the bow slightly different shades of red.

There seems to be no end to the ways to use holly wreaths for your creative holiday projects...and they are so pretty and festive!

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8 Christmas Drawing Ideas to Get in the Holiday Spirit