Get Instant Gratification With Trendy Chunky Knitting Patterns


Hello, big needles and instant gratification! Chunky knitting patterns are a favorite of many knitters because they work up so quickly. But we've been noticing a chunky knit trend on the runways, too.

Don't let the runway limit your chunky knitting patterns, though. Chunky knits look fantastic as garments, sure, but they also look awesome as home decor and accessories.

Grab your favorite bulky yarn or super-bulky yarn and make trendy chunky knitting patterns part of your super cozy winter.

Chunky Chevron Cowl knitting pattern

Photo via Bluprint member TheFeminineTouc

Chunky Chevron Cowl

This is a great go-to knit for a quick accessory, including gifts. It's knit in a soft acrylic yarn, making it washable. I love the bright color that designer  TheFeminineTouc  used. It's a much-needed pop of bright color in an otherwise yucky winter.

Get the Chunky Chevron Cowl pattern here.
Chunky Garter Stitch Mittens knitting pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Anne Weil

Chunky Garter Stitch Mittens

In the mood for some seam knitting ? These mittens are sewn together using a mattress stitch, so you'll have plenty of practice. I'm really digging the blocks of color, but I could see this one knit up in a solid color too, couldn't you?

Get the Chunky Garter Stitch Mittens pattern here.
Snuggly Chunky Cable Blanket knitting pattern

Photo via Bluprint member DaisyGrayKnits

Snuggly Chunky Cable Blanket

Have you ever cuddled up to a chunky knit blanket? Whoa. There's something about them that just makes me sink into complete bliss, especially when it's knit with a soft yarn. This cozy blanket has textured cables that add even more coziness!

Get the Snuggly Chunky Cable Blanket pattern here.
Chunky Cable Beret Hat knitting pattern

Photo via Bluprint member TVBApril24092218

Chunky Cable Beret Hat

What better way to show off a chunky yarn than with chunky cables? The chunky yarn also makes the hat super warm, making it ideal for blustery days when you need to stay warm and keep your hair under control.

Get the Chunky Cable Beret Hat pattern here.
Wedge Lace Yoke Pullover Kit

Wedge Lace Yoke Pullover

I'm in the midst of knitting this pullover right now, and boy does it fly off those needles. It's a perfect project if you need instant gratification for a larger-scale project. I'm knitting mine with bracelet-length sleeves thanks to Eunny Jang's guidance and her awesome  Choose Your Own Sweater Adventure  class. You have to be enrolled in the class to get the pattern, so sign up today and you'll have a chunky sweater in no time!

Get the Wedge Lace Yoke Pullover Kit here.

Enroll in the Choose Your Own Sweater Adventure class here.
Chunky Knit Cable Poncho knitting pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Ashley_Lillis

Chunky Knit Cable Poncho

We've already seen that cables and chunky yarn make a great pair, and this poncho is further proof. This is a great cable project for beginners since it's a basic cable, plus chunky yarn means it's easier to see and control where your yarn is going as you knit. If you know how to knit and purl, this poncho will be a breeze!

Get the Chunky Knit Cable Poncho pattern here.
Chunky Rib Cardigan knitting pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Design Studio

Chunky Rib Cardigan

Need a no-fuss garment? You could whip this one up in a weekend. This would also be a good opportunity to use that huge awesome button you've been hoarding in your stash. What better way to display it than front and center on a sweater?

Get the Chunky Rib Cardigan pattern here.

Are you a fan of chunky knitting patterns? What kinds of patterns are your favorites to pair with chunky yarns?

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Get Instant Gratification With Trendy Chunky Knitting Patterns