Cocktails to Brunch, These Playlists Will Rock Your Guests

Super yummy food? Check. Festive decor? Got it. All your best friends? You bet. But a party’s not really happening until you bump the tunes.

That’s why we asked cookbook author and party-throwing pro Mary Guiliani to share her secrets to setting the perfect party vibe. You’ll find her top playlists and more on the Bluprint Spotify channel .

The Cool Cocktail Soiree

Just including the word “cocktail” in your invitation automatically gives your party a little extra sparkle.

The key to keeping it cool is to go retro… but not too retro. (These aren’t your mother’s cocktails!) This list mixes up jazz and R&B classics with contemporary covers to keep it fresh.

The Italian Feast

A big Italian dinner calls for candle light, endless conversation... and maybe stretchy pants. (We’re not here to judge.)

Create that warm-all-over atmosphere with a lusty mix of Italian and Rat Pack classics, lively swing picks and Bossa Nova jazz. Then just add chianti.

The Pajama Brunch

We’re pretty sure any meal is better in PJ’s, but that goes double for brunch — especially if last night’s party ran waaaay too late.

Here’s the no-fail cure for a sleepy Sunday: Crank some upbeat pop (including a few throwback faves) and get that bacon sizzling. With a side of strong coffee, of course. And coffee. Did we say coffee?

December 19, 2018
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Cocktails to Brunch, These Playlists Will Rock Your Guests