14 Free Coloring Book Pages to Help You Relax

Coloring books are commonly thought to be a pastime for children, but they actually have benefits for everyone regardless of age. In fact, coloring mandalas, words of inspiration and nature scenes helps reduce stress and promote mindfulness, according to the Mayo Clinic . Whether you draw your own coloring pages — you can learn how in our class Draw a Coloring Book — or print out the free ones below, there's no better way to unwind after a busy day.

1. Start Creating

There's nothing like coloring in a powerful quote to keep you motivated in between larger projects.

2. Creativity Takes Courage

Truer words have never been spoken. This page is packed with flower power for easy coloring.

3. For the Baker

Let's be honest: this one's for anyone who loves cake. Whether you trade in the piping bag for colored pencils or use it as a fresh start, this coloring page is ideal for a relaxing afternoon.

4. Knit On

If you're never not knitting, this page is the only excuse to put down those needles for a bit.

5. Unicorn Love

Use the sharpest colored pencils in your box to fill in these intricate, geometric patterns.

6. Let It Grow

Beat life's daily stress and celebrate your love of nature with two relaxing coloring pages.

7. Flower Power

These pretty blooms are great for coloring book lovers of all ages.

8. Summer BBQ

Color some summer vibes with an unconventional cookout scene. It's fun for kids and oh-so-relaxing for adults.

9. Coney Island

Everyone loves a good beach day, especially when ice cream is involved.

10. Dance Like Nobody's Watching

There's a lot going on in this inspirational coloring book page, but that's not a bad thing — it just means you'll never be bored.

11. Garden Dragon

This dragon's all about the details; filling in the fine lines and delicate scales gives this page a meditative quality.

12. Dream On

Pretty petals and fun swirls make this quote a blast to color in.

13. Mandala Magic

Coloring is relaxing, but coloring a mandala brings an extra dose of zen. Bonus: you can download these two pages, then draw your own mandala for even more creative fun.

14. Doodle Bird

Get your doodle on with two nature-inspired coloring book pages, then watch our series Doodle Wars — it may just inspire you to make your own cartoons.

February 24, 2020
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14 Free Coloring Book Pages to Help You Relax