"8 Ways I've Combined My Favorite Crafts"

I'm a bona fide craft-dabbler. Over the years I have tried my hand at drawing, painting, cartoon-making, sculpting, photography, cake decorating, sewing, baking, and cooking (phew!). Actually, I blog about several of these subjects — drawing, painting, cooking and baking — right here on the Bluprint Blog!

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But what's even more fun than having these separate craft interests is when I have a chance to bring them together. Here are 8 fun ways that I've combined my crafts:

1. Drawing + painting + clay sculpting

Aside from blogging for Bluprint, I also have a small business called  CakeSpy , a website that marries my loves of writing, baking and illustrating. On the site, my mascot is Cuppie the cupcake, a little guy (yes, guy) who I've drawn/painted in all sorts of settings. However, I really challenged myself when I took upon a new media to create my character: clay!

Translating a 2-dimensional image into 3-D form isn't always easy. Luckily the simple shapes of a cupcake are fairly universal and easy to sculpt, even for a beginner. Once I shaped the items and baked them, I painted them and drew the traditional character's face on the front. 

Psst: I also wrote a tutorial for the Bluprint Blog about how to make cupcake characters with fondant

2. Photography + food + drawing

As previously mentioned, at different times I might be working on a project with food, illustration or photography. But I'm really happiest when I can work in all of those craft sectors concurrently.

I typically start by making a delicious food item, and then styling/photographing it. But then, to make the image extra-special and include a little bit of my artistic personality, I superimpose illustrations on top. I feel that this gives the images context and humor, and transforms the image into something more engaging than a mere food photo!

3. Drawing + cake decorating + photography + storytelling 

Well, this is a bit of a story.

Several years ago, the star cake decorator/cake pop maker Bakerella and I struck up a friendship that resulted in her making cupcake truffles resembling my cupcake character. Upon receiving these mini masterpieces in the mail, I took her cake decorating project (inspired by my drawing) a few steps further. First, I staged them in funny scenes and indulged in a little storytelling with my photography and illustrated elements. This remains a delightful memory of combining craft loves. Oh, and the truffles were delicious

4. Drawing + chocolate piping 

Combining drawing + chocolate piping = delicious edible art! For this craft melange, I melted chocolate, let it slightly cool, then loaded it into a piping bag and piped it on a parchment surface, employing my drawing skills to create unique icons out of chocolate. Once the chocolate set, it could be taken off of the parchment and applied as a cake topper or dessert garnish. It's a wonderful way to add a little artistic element to your cake decorating. You can find a tutorial on the Bluprint Blog .

5. Cooking + drawing 

One of the things I love best about illustration/drawing is that it has the ability to convey information. This means that it can be a great way to teach others about my other craft loves, such as cooking and baking.

In creating visual infographics, I have been able to combine my love of culinary arts with visual art. I have created a number of infographics for Bluprint, including how to hold a chef's knife how to cut a mango  and more. 

6. Food + Mosaic art

I love creating mosaics. And upon occasion, I've ditched the traditional "art" media and turned to edibles! I've made candy collages representing a number of master artworks, including "Starry Night" out of Peeps, a Mondrian-inspired piece out of Easter candy and an Andy Warhol–inspired "Candy Warhol" piece right here on the Bluprint Blog . Using frosting as "glue" these works are fun and make for fantastic party centerpieces.

7. Painting + apparel design

Sometimes, to combine crafts, you need to employ a friend to assist with the collaboration! When I wanted to transform my paintings into a work of wearable art, I came up with a painted design of a dress that resembled an unwrapped cupcake. Then, I had my mother, who is an ace sewer, help make my vision a reality. It inspired me to learn how to sew myself, and was a great way to make art and create a crafty connection with my mom. 

8. Cake decorating + comic art

When you love cake decorating and baking and you love comic art, it's only a matter of time before these two things come together. I have created a number of different panel cartoons using my artwork, but the one above is probably my favorite, entitled "The Talk," wherein Cuppie the cupcake learns where he came from. What a thing to learn, little cupcake! 

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May 30, 2017
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"8 Ways I've Combined My Favorite Crafts"