Conjure Up Some Spooky Ghost Bark!

Boo! Who's hungry? We are almost unable to handle the cuteness of this colorful ghost candy bark. And it's so easy to make, you literally can't mess it up.

Here's how to whip up your own

What you need:

  • White, purple and black candy melts
  • Spoon
  • Piping bag
  • Skewer
  • Black sprinkles and black sugar
  • Black candy pearls
  • Parchment paper
  • Cookie sheet

1. Melt and pour

Following the directions on your candy melts, melt both the purple and the white. Be sure to keep them separate.

Pour the purple candy melts onto a cookie sheet covered in parchment paper and spread in an even layer.

Once your purple base evenly fills the cookie sheet, spoon globs of white candy melts across the top. These are going to be your ghosties.

2. Shape the ghosts

Use a skewer to shape your ghost globs. It’s super easy to give your ghosts shape by making a little tail and two arms. Make sure not to reach your skewer too far down, or you’ll disturb the purple base and discolor your ghosts. Another tip: wipe off your skewer after each ghost to make sure the colors don't get mixed.

3. Final details

Add two black candy pearls to each ghost for eyes, and decorate the purple negative space by carefully scattering black sugar and sprinkles. As the bark begins to cool and solidify, go ahead and melt your black candy melts. Put that melty goodness in a piping bag and pipe little ovals for the ghoulish mouths.

4. Break it up and dig in!

Once the candy bark has cooled, break each ghost into its own separate piece (this doesn't have to be perfect!) and share.

October 07, 2018
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Conjure Up Some Spooky Ghost Bark!