Consider the Source

You’re not just making something beautiful. With Bluprint kits, you’re doing good in the world.

“There is no machine in the world that can make a hank of yarn,” says Sunne Meyer, Bluprint’s Yarn Production Manager. “Someone did that by hand.” We work so closely with our crafting materials, holding yarn and fabric for hours at a time. Somewhere in another part of the world, someone made the yarn or fabric in your hands with their own hands.

That’s why it’s so comforting and gratifying to know that the material came from a source that’s doing good for their corner of the world.

Sunne was taught how to knit as a little girl by her grandmother when she was growing up in Mercer Island, just outside Seattle. “I enjoy all types of knits, and I love making clothes,” says Sunne, who is also a big fan of sewing and embroidery. Being part of the team that finds the materials for Bluprint’s yarn and quilt kits on is kind of a dream job for Sunne, one that includes visits to textiles companies all over the world. “We work with mills in Malaysia, Japan, Peru, Turkey, Mexico, and India,” she says. “And we had an amazing trip to Istanbul.”

Sourcing textiles from international companies means that Bluprint’s fabrics and yarns are anything but run-of-the-mill (pun totally intended). “We have a really exciting mix of the modern and the traditional right now,” Sunne says. “There’s a little bit of everything.”

But the materials in Bluprint kits don’t just look and feel good; they actually do good. “We have a highly comprehensive audit program,” Sunne says. “You’re not only getting the best quality product, you’re getting it from mills that are good to the people and environment in their area.” Bluprint, a service of NBCUniversal, will only work with mills that ensure fair pay, safe working conditions, and practices that minimize environmental pollution.

Many of the mills that supply Bluprint with textiles go even further. They use animal husbandry programs that ensure the health of their Alpaca and sheep herds. In Peru, mills work with women in the highlands to improve their dyeing skills so they can earn a good living. A mill in India has a policy that any woman who shows up will be given work, and she will work in a safe environment. “These mills are going above and beyond our commitment,” says Sunne. “They’re not just creating great products, but ethical ones too.”

We can’t wait to show you the new kits in . We know that making things makes you happy. What makes us happy is knowing that we can provide you with materials that not only become beautiful things in your hands, but that help the hands that made them.

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January 17, 2019
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Consider the Source