Tame the Cookie Cutter Chaos! Here's How to Keep 'Em Organized

After months (or years) of cookie cutter collecting, there comes a time in every baker's life when she has to confront the growing mountain of colorful cutouts. Check out our handy tips on how to tame your collection the easy way and master cookie cutter storage.

How to get on top of cookie cutter storage

Dedicate some space

One of the first things you need to do is create some storage space just for your cutters. It's easy to shove things in the corner when you get busy, but this habit will just stress you out later on. 

Buy a small (or large) set of drawers that you use only for cookie cutters. Then, figure out what organizational system will be easiest for you. Multiple drawers are super handy because you can dedicate specific cutters to specific drawers, making them easier to find later.

We like to dedicate a drawer for wedding cookie shapes, where we keep hearts, circles and wedding cakes shapes. Simple, non-seasonal cutters (such as plaques, scalloped circles, squares) get assigned to another drawer. The list goes on, but you get the idea!

Keep matching sets together

Nesting cookie cutters are amazing. They're versatile, cost-effective and we absolutely love them. One easy way to store these cookie cutters is to tie them together with a ribbon or store them in large freezer bags.

Compartmentalize mini cutters

What about those mini cutters that seem to get lost all the time? These can always be a little harder to find than the larger sized cookie cutters. The best option for these is to keep them in clean, airtight containers with built-in dividers.

If you have lots of them, then store them away in a box per themed drawer (e.g. small hearts and diamond ring minis get separated into a box in the same drawer as the larger versions).

Don't let large cutters hang loose

When it comes to those extra large cookie cutters, you'll actually create more clutter by just tossing them in a drawer. An easier storage solution is to keep them all in a large clear bag.

Most huge cutters are usually simple shapes (we have lots of large squares, ovals and circles). These are pretty bulky and hard to keep in a drawer. Look for a clear drawstring bag that you can store near — but not in — your drawers. We hang it up in our pantry so it's easy to find.

Collect doubles and store them together

If you find that certain shapes and sizes are really popular, make sure to eventually purchase doubles. Having a backup set will really help you out later on if anything gets damaged or lost. Plus, the backup set is especially useful if you need a helping hand.

Always store the two together — that way, you'll always know where to find them!

Clean cookie cutters well before putting them away

It's super easy to throw your cookie cutters in the dishwasher at the end of the day. In most cases this is fine, but be aware that some brands and materials don't play nice with hot water. For example, 3-D printed cutters can melt out of shape in a dishwasher, and some made of metal can rust.

Your best option is to gently clean them with lukewarm soapy water. Then hand dry and store.

Store the extras nearby, too

For a little added peace of mind, make sure you've got those extras — cookie bags, ribbon, ties and tags. Alongside your cookie cutters, organizing all those extras and packaging solutions.



Cookie cutters are also fantastic tools for cake and cupcake decorating so they're great to have on hand. Even if you don't have a huge selection, it still makes sense to keep them well organized. You never know when that collection will get bigger!

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April 08, 2018
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Tame the Cookie Cutter Chaos! Here's How to Keep 'Em Organized