10 Craft Party Ideas Even Non-Crafters Will Love

There ain't no party like a craft party. If you're planning to throw a DIY date for your friends, we've got all the inspo you need. Even your non-crafty pals will love rolling up their sleeves for these creations!

Super Simple Party Projects

We promise anyone can make these crafts and have a great time doing it.

1. Coolest. Soap. Ever.

Making soap is a fun party craft for everyone, even if you've never DIY'd it before — and this is the prettiest soap around. Spend the hour waiting for the soap to cool with drinks and finger food with your guests, or you can speed up the process by popping the bars in the fridge.

Betcha didn’t know soap could be this gorgeous. It kind of looks like an artsy rainbow on a cloudy day, right? Even if you’ve never made your own soap before, this method is extremely beginner-friendly — all you need is a handful of supplies and a little bit of patience.

2. Easy + Trendy Earrings

Sure, you can buy your jewelry, or you can make killer terrazzo accessories by hand. These earrings are simple to DIY and make an awesome statement piece. Bring on the sculpting clay!

In case you haven't noticed, this cool speckled stone is totally taking over the jewelry market. These faux-terrazzo earrings are incredibly easy and inexpensive to make, but the final product looks 100 percent gallery-worthy. Make two sets at at time, so there's one for you and one to gift!

3. No Needles, No Problem

Get #cozy at your craft party and arm knit a throw pillow using giant yarn. You definitely don't have to be an avid knitter (or even a knitter at all) to crush this project — all you need is your own two hands! Just make sure your guests have plenty of space; this pillow is LARGE.

There’s a lot to love about giant yarn. It’s super cozy, knits up really fast and has to-die-for texture. Which is why it's perfect for making a throw pillow. Plus, there are no needles required for this project — you just knit the super-sized material on your fingers.

4. Give Your Succulents a Cozy Home

The best thing about this clay creation? It air dries, so there's no baking or fancy kiln required (which makes it a perfect party project). Not to mention, you and your guests probably have most of the supplies already, so it's totally budget-friendly.

If you're a #plantparent, you've got to have the very best home for your botanical offspring. These DIY planters are easy to make and personalize for your style — and you probably have most of the supplies you need already lying around your house (no fancy pottery wheel or kiln required here!).

5. Make Your Key Fob More Fab

A little color goes a long way, especially on something you use every day. These keychains are sooo easy to make — your guests can easily whip up one for themselves and one (or two) more for gifting!

A cute keychain is the perfect way to add a little flair to something you use every day. Even better: Make it yourself! This painted leather tassel created by Courtney Pilgrim of My Friend Court is perfect for rounding up your keys, hanging off a backpack, or even gifting to friends.

6. Stitch the Rainbow

DIY designer jeans are the best designer jeans (it's a fact). Stock up on embroidery floss and thread your needle — and if you're not an embroidery wizard, don't sweat. You only need to know one simple hand stitch to rock this look.

There's no better way to refresh a boring pair of jeans than with a burst of rainbow color on the back pocket. Whether you make these for kids or sport a pair yourself is totally up to you — all we know is life's about to get a whole lot brighter!

7. Dish It Out

For something quick (but cute), make a clay jewelry dish. The cool marbled look comes from rolling and twisting two colors of polymer clay together, and the luxe gold rim is just paint. So easy!

We're firm believers that marble makes everything look more elegant. So why not add a touch of the iconic stone to your vanity or bedside table with a little jewelry dish? The gold rim and blush-and-white color combo is a minimalist’s dream. Plus, you'll never waste time hunting around for your rings again!

For the (Slightly) Craft-Ambitious

These projects are newbie-friendly too, but you and your friends might have to try out a few new skills. Go for it!

8. Build a Bouquet That'll Never Wilt

Arranging flowers is so much more satisfying when the blooms will last forever. Get your friends together and learn to make roses, peonies and air plants — and how to put them together for an ah-mazing forever bouquet.

Paper artist Kate Alarcón shows you how to make five different paper flowers, including a wild rose, floribunda rose, Icelandic poppy, peony and ranunculus, plus an air plant for added greenery. And, learn how to arrange your flowers into beautiful bouquets that are sure to impress.

9. A Quilt, But Make It Mini

Call 'em coasters. Call 'em wall art. Whatever you call them, these mini quilts are super fun to create. Plus if you've got fabric scraps on hand, you're basically party-ready.

Give your sewing mojo a creative boost with four dazzling mini quilts.

10. No-Sew Clutches for the Whole Squad

This glam project is quite a bit simpler than it looks. (It starts from a ready-made plain minaudière case, so all you have to do is add fabric!) And there's absolutely no stitching required.

Create a chic, compact minaudière clutch – no sewing required!

April 19, 2019
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10 Craft Party Ideas Even Non-Crafters Will Love