Craftsy Instructors on Bluprint: “I want in on it all!”

Our teachers are a little—okay, a lot—excited about the big change


Hear from Our Instructors

Having the best instructors in their fields was the foundation of Craftsy’s success. So of course, everyone wondered: How would the best of the best feel about the big change from Craftsy to Bluprint?

As you’ll see in this video, they’re kind of excited. And happy. Even weeping a few tears of joy.

“Bluprint’s amazing!” says Joshua John Russell, host of Man About Cake . “It’s like a heightened version of Craftsy. Your personality gets to shine a little more, and there’s more connection between me and my audience.” Adam Vicarel of Maker How-Tos : “It elevated my craft.”

A personal letter from our founder John Levisay explained the benefits of the NBC/Universal backing of Bluprint and how the heart of Craftsy would remain intact. Still, change can be a little scary, but as Nicki Sizemore, host of Easy and Delicious Plant-Based Meals, says, “If we don’t try new things, we never grow.” And she’s not just referring to personal growth. “This is a great way to grow your brand and your following,” she says, echoing the sentiments of other teachers who’ve seen their audiences and kits go through the roof on Bluprint. “Seven years ago, I was defeated,” says Joshua. “Now, anything Bluprint throws at me, I want in on it all!”

We could go on, but we’ll let our star instructors do that. “Go to and see how beautiful your classes and your work are shining through this new platform,” says Anne Yorks, host of Cookie Decorating Season by Season. “It’s time to jump in and be part of the excitement.”

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Craftsy Instructors on Bluprint: “I want in on it all!”