Make These Paper Flowers for Less Than $20

There are many reasons to love fresh flowers. But when it comes to DIY, pretty paper ones pack an awesome bang for your buck. Raid your wrapping station for tissue paper, and then get started making this bouquet of blooms.

Supplies you'll need:

  • Tissue paper in various colors
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Florist wire or pipe cleaners, cut into 12-inch lengths for each flower
  • Florist tape, optional

Flower 1: The Basic Bloom

Step 1

Cut five sheets of tissue paper to 7 x 12 inches and stack with all ends even.

Step 2

With the short end facing you, fold the stack in an accordion style using 1" folds. You can use a craft stick or your fingers to smooth the creases and create crisp edges.

Step 3

Round the corners on each end with scissors. The depth of the cuts on each side will determine the depth of the petal edges. (The deeper the cuts, the more fragile the petals.)

Step 4

Wrap one end of your wire around the middle of the tissue paper stack. Twist to secure.

Step 5

Unfold one side and gently pull up the first layer of tissue paper. (Go slowly: It can be helpful to only partially lift the layer all the way across, then go back to lift more.) Continue to pull up each layer until the flower is formed. Use florist tape to cover the wire, if desired.

Flower 2: The Daisy

Follow the steps for the “basic bloom,” but add two sheets of black tissue paper onto the top of your stack (so you have seven sheets total). Once they’re stacked and folded, cut each end into a point.

Continue through Step 5, trimming back the black paper with scissors once your flower is fanned out.

Flower 3: The Pom Pom

Create a fringed flower or pompom by simply using the “basic bloom” instructions, but fringing the flower ends in Step 3 instead of cutting them round.

And you're done!

December 26, 2015
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Make These Paper Flowers for Less Than $20