10 Easy Ways To Live More Creatively — Every Day!

Looking to add a little creativity to your day-to-day routine? To help you keep your creative muscles strong, we've rounded up simple ways for you to find time for your passion, no matter your craft. Check out our tips below!

knitting daily

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If you're itching to stitch, you'll love exploring these 30+ free patterns. Each one can be done in an hour — and they're perfect for getting your daily dose of fiber!

photography challenge

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Venture beyond the limits of your lens in this exciting 31-day photo challenge. Not only will you become more comfortable with your camera, but you'll also get to experiment shooting a variety of subjects.

what should i paint

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Find the inspiration you're searching for with our free What Should I Paint? guide. It's full of prompts that let you practice simple designs or push your creativity to new levels.

40 sewing techniques

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Sneak in some sewing machine time with our 40 Techniques Every Sewer Should Know class. From pressing and stitching to using interfacing, you can learn a new tip or trick every day.

drawing challenge

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Expand your imagination in this fun 31-day drawing challenge! Whether it's winter or summer, you'll enjoy interpreting each day's theme (such as "Wild & Free") for yourself.

quilting troubleshooting

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Making gorgeous quilts will come naturally after you discover the helpful tips in our 37 Troubleshooting Techniques class. Try a different tried-and-true technique on days that end with "y."

embroidery techniques

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Want to know the ins and outs of your embroidery machine? Build your skills one day at a time with our 20 Thing Every Machine Embroider Should Know class. You can revisit the lessons anytime!

cookie decorating

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Cake Decorating

There's no better way to celebrate than with dazzling, decorated cookies. Explore 19 fresh designs to make your treats even sweeter — and use the time between batches to taste test.

cooking techniques

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Food & Cooking

Whip up something wonderful in the kitchen as you learn these 20 essential cooking techniques. From perfectly poaching an egg to blanching vegetables and filleting a fish, these skills will make your meals more delicious than ever.

stamping techniques

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Paper Crafting

A stamp a day lets your creativity play! Find inspiration for new designs and learn trendy techniques in our 40 Techniques Every Stamper Should Know class.

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January 09, 2016
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10 Easy Ways To Live More Creatively — Every Day!